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Drako is a Male-Male Spanking Archive author who writes spanking stories that are sometimes based on sexual relationships, usually involving teen males.

Juvenile Delinquency[edit]

A series about the early evolution of a spanko and his descent into juvenile delinquency.

  1. "Growing up as a Spanko in the 70's" – a collection of childhood memories, general observations on the kink, and a boy's emerging awareness of being both gay and a spanko.
  2. "Lessons in Deportment from Mother" – spankings at an early age seem to have an adverse effect.
  3. "Two Reflections on a Tuesday Morning" – two spanky memories, one touching on the subject of race, the other on mild father/son spanking that instead of avoiding, the boy seeks out.
  4. "Spanking the Gay Out of Me" – a mother's growing fear that her son is homosexual leads to a visit to the pediatrician, followed by the worst spanking ever.
  5. "My Betrayal Most Base of Charles" – a teenager betrays his friend, but then seeks forgiveness and redemption, which involves a great deal of teen/teen spanking and sex.
  6. "Crime & Punishment" – a policeman knocks on the door and interviews a teenage juvenile delinquent with no one else present. The boy gets the upper hand in more ways than one.
  7. "Corrupting the Morals of a Major" – the Major repents of his misdeeds and performs an act of penance.
  8. "The End of Malwart's Marriage" – an older man invites a teen over to his house for beer and sex, but the teen has his own idea about what is sexy.
  9. "The Horny One" – Our hero has a tryst at the Computer Club with an elder geek.
  10. "Unkie Shows his Horns" – the black sheep of the family shows just how low he can go.
  11. "Unkie & Drake's Road Trip" – a quickie about getting pulled over by a cop while in flagrante delicto. Unkie has to think fast or else go to jail.

The Investment[edit]

A gay boy is invested with supernatural power. Expect the unexpected.

  1. "My Name is Legion" – in the 18th century, men come to a certain tavern to tryst with the serving boy, who is only too willing. An early version of this story was titled "The Eternal Youth."
  2. "Pray to Satan" – God forsakes a gay teen, who seeks recourse in Lucifer.
  3. "Cathy is the Cat's Meow" – a gay boy's infatuation with a girl leads to shape-changing.
  4. "Infatuation, Renunciation, Invocation" – a high school tryst with an experienced young man who already has a boyfriend.
  5. "Star-Crossed Lovers" – an erotic love affair between a high school senior and a junior.
  6. (Removed for revision) "The Horsefly" – a tryst in a hotel room as witnessed by an intelligent horsefly.

Unsorted Stories[edit]

Stand-alone tales.

  1. Spoiled Rotten – a rich spoiled brat gets his comeuppance. Pure junk food.


Lady Cyrrh

The Eternal Youth [A]
The Annex Reviews, 6/30/00
by Lady Cyrrh

There was a lengthy and interesting foreword to this story, which deals with gay sex in the age of AIDS and the yearning for eternal youth in the form of a young, good-looking, gay man with unlimited sexual opportunities in front of him. The story was pretty good too, though not, as the author says, written for "shallow thrill-seekers looking for plain, simple smut."

Larson is a beleaguered, naive 18-year-old tavern-boy in an inn circa 1716. One day a strange merchant comes in who regards him "as a man might look at a woman." The narrator's intuition is confirmed when he spills some wine and the innkeeper orders him whipped on the buttocks for it with a belt... This leads to a pretty thorough spanking, after which the innkeeper hires the narrator out to the merchant for the night. Alone in his room, the merchant announces he's in the possession of the elixir of Life and the narrator begs for a taste of it, after the sex of course.

This was a very well-written first-time story and it kept my attention from beginning to end; if more has been written (unknown, since the poster does not appear to be the author) it's worth keeping an eye out for. My only complaint is that the elixir of Life was given too freely; surely the narrator would have been required to do something more?

But this was a very good read.

Stephen Peters

"Eternal Youth" (unending sex) 10, 7, 5

One of the interesting things about being a reviewer is that I get drafted to read stories I would never have bothered with on my own. Take this tale for example. The story codes read (Mm, MF, historical), and to those I would add "spank" and "magic(?)". Not exactly my cup of tea — but I charged in anyway, hoping for a pleasant surprise. Well....not this time.

Eternal Youth is the first two parts of what was supposed to be a series detailing the sexual adventures of (you guessed it) a man who is immortal. Of course, when he becomes immortal he is 18 and beautiful, in the prime of his health and attracts the gaze of both men and women. (Why *both*, I'm not sure. Perhaps being immortal means that one requires a larger variety in sex partners than a single gender will provide. They say that variety is the spice of life, and I would imagine that being immortal must get awfully old after a while .)

The first chapter opens with the narrator working as a serving boy in the Troll's Nose Tavern, circa 1716. Three travelers arrive, and the head of this group quickly casts his eye upon our hero. After a bit of corporal punishment for spilling the wine, the head traveler negotiates with the tavern owner to 'buy' the young man for the evening. And, as luck would have it, the traveler possesses a magic potion that both heals the boys bottom and (mixed with his blood) makes him immortal. How the young man gets the blood I'll leave to the readers imagination.

To the author's credit the first part of the story did hold my interest. The language seemed appropriate for the period, and the characters (drunken tavern keeper, his kind wife, the rough travelers) were believable (if somewhat stereotypical). The sex was actually rather gentle (at least compared to most male/male stories I've run across), but I was disappointed that there was no explanation whatsoever of the magic potion's origin or how the traveler came to possess it. That would have been interesting.

Unfortunately, that is this story's downfall...not enough depth and plot to keep me going. By the time the second chapter comes along (after a really, really boring spiel on the joys(?) of being immortal) I was loosing interest. The historical aspect was wearing thin, there was NO plot or hook that linked the two chapters, and even a reasonably described male/female sex scene (between him and a prostitute) was not enough to raise my blood pressure.

Understand, I don't think this is a *bad* story, and the idea behind it is solid enough. It's just that it was formula all the way. Try as I might I could not connect with the narrator, or his adventure.

Oh well, better luck next time.

    — Numbers mean nothing without context, read the review —

    Ratings for "Eternal Youth"
    Athena (technical quality): 10 (no problem here)
    Venus (plot & character): 7 (nice idea)
    Stephen (appeal to reviewer): 5


"The Eternal Youth"

As I understand it, in the year of Our Lord 1716, young Larson was severely beaten by his boss in the presence of a merchant who then cured his welts with a magic potion, then had sex with him, and then cured the ill effects of that process with the same potion. The result of all that exposure to the magic potion was that young Larson had become immortal - he would never grow old. Thus ends part 1, which is followed by a part 2 and a sequel. The story becomes disjointed and inconclusive. Apparently our immortal hero enjoys both ladies and men. I suppose there may be a complete story floating around out there somewhere; and the entire story may actually be good. The problem with these reposting services is that they sometimes post just part of a story, leaving the reader with no way to find the rest of the story.

What I liked best about this story was the Tom Swifty this author used as a tagline:

      "Is this sodomy?" asked Tom, half in Ernest.
Ratings for "The Eternal Youth"
Athena (technical quality): 9
Venus (plot & character): 4
Celeste (appeal to reviewer): 4

"For Bruce"

As a reviewer, I have felt required to read and be objective about stories that don't fit my own lifestyle. This story makes that job easy. It's a beautiful, poetic reminiscence by a man about his former lover. This may be obvious to most of you, but what occurred to me as I was reading this was that my "lifestyle" isn't all that different. I could insert my own hetero lover into this story in place of Bruce, and the story still made perfect sense. The story was not very explicit, and I still don't really know what happened; but that's what gives it its haunting beauty. (Rating: 10)


"The Eternal Youth"

Tis a Pitie that thy Tayle has not been simplie told, unprefaced by the Blather of Conceit, for the Tayle is in itself of no small Merit in this debut Installment. 'Struth, it does suffer from a lack of Breadth, no doubt the Consequence of the poor Letters of the Lad. His Cant of the Deflowering of his Person leaves the Reader unable to discerne Eros that he might partayke of parallel Pleasure.

Wouldst that the Effects of Time and Maturation repair this small Defekt in his Abilitie to tell his Storie.

Partikular Readers, those more sensitive than your Correspondent, might pray that an Editor of even poor Talent be consulted, for the Fawltes of Grammar - which can but be unintentioned - would easily be rendered, that the Reader's Course not be brayked mid-stream. Pitie, too, that the Tekst of the Letter from Ian was not taken direktlie from the Original kept by Larson - the Words contayned in the Storie could not flow from any Pen of 1716.

I shiver in Anticipation of the next Installment, praying Larson's cant of his Tayle takes Profit from his reading of The London Gazette, from which the Prose of many a Writer took great Example in those Tymes.

MMSA Comments

"My Name is Legion" Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this story very well written and crafted with an interesting plot and sub plot Thanks for sharing your talent and time with us all Best wishes -R

"Crime & Punishment" the part with the detective is absolutely great. Wish I was the detective. Best wishes, -H

"Pray to Satan" This was a first class essay, Your thoughts were very truthful. I firmly believe in our Lord,But also accept the dark side. Heaven an Hell are in us to begin with. all my best wishes -S

"Star-Crossed Lovers" What an extraordinary story! A real turn-on. Wonderful writing, even if I didn't care for the not so happy ending. But that's just me, a wuss that wants everyone to live happily ever after :-)) Thanks for this treat, mate. -T

Review from Gayauthors.org

"Star-Crossed Lovers" Oh my GOD. That was simply shocking. Goddesses can be such utter bastards sometimes. I don't understand why she couldn't have sent Sean back too... but I suppose she must have had her reasons. Poor Drake. I feel so sorry for him. It is an awful thing to walk around in a human body and mourn for someone who waits on the other side. Awesome piece of work. I will be carrying this with me for some time. -N