Door leaf position

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Rendered spanking art by Little Dragon Kid (2022).

The door leaf position is an unusual spanking position that requires an interior door that has some kind of horizontal stucture in its lower half (to step on), and a child-sized spankee.


A suitable type of door.

The door is opened. The spankee (probably ideally wearing suitable shoes) is lifted up, facing the door leaf, places the tip of their shoes carefully on the door leaf's rail and holds onto the upper edge of the door leaf. In this position, the spankee is standing at some height, attached to the door leaf. Their buttocks are at a convenient height to be spanked, and the spankee can not cover their buttocks or let go of their hold without falling down. The spankee must, quite helplessly, stay in this position until their punishment is over and they are helped down.

The position requires some physical fitness and is about as challenging as bouldering. It should not be held for longer than a couple of seconds, at most perhaps half a minute.



  • Clip from a mainstream film with two F/m spanking scenes, one lying on a bed (bare bottom) and one (starting at 00:47) using the door leaf position (clothed, with a flyswatter). Link broken as of 2021