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The term domestic discipline (abbreviated DD) is usually used to describe an agreement in adult relationships where one or both partners recognize a need for discipline and explicitly want the other partner to punish them for wrongdoings. The punishment methods used in domestic discipline correspond to those traditionally used by strict parents such as disciplinary spanking, corner time and other punitive, painful and/or humiliating consequences. Domestic discipline is consensual and therefore conceptionally does not constitute domestic violence; though might not be legally recognized in all jurisdiction as such.

Such punishment should not be any form of any sensation the bottom enjoys erotically - asking you to eroticize a moderate caning today, but accept a strong caning as an aversive stimulus tomorrow, is bad psychology and bad topping
  — Easton & Lizst, The Bottoming Book

Spankings in domestic discipline are consensual, but differ from erotic spankings: they are not given for the fun, revenge or sexual pleasure of either of the partners. Instead, they are thought as a form of loving but strict teaching. Spanking in domestic discipline can also be considered a form of therapeutic spanking of the punitive kind.

Typically one partner agrees to get spanked for certain offenses (breaking of rules) by the other partner. The details of for what offenses and how the spankings will be given are negotiated and sometimes put in writing in a kind of contract called a punishment agreement. An early model of such an agreement was the Spencer spanking plan.

Most couples who practice domestic discipline seem to favor the M/F variant, but of course F/M, F/F or M/M are equally possible. It is also possible that both partners subject themselves to the same set of rules and consequences, in which case both will effectively give and get spankings depending on whoever breaks a rule.

Other meaning[edit]

A young wife administers domestic discipline in the bedroom.

The term domestic discipline is also sometimes used to refer to refer to punishment that occurs in the home (domestic spanking and other corporal and/or humiliating punishment). This meaning is greatly different from the above, as it can refer to nonconsensual parent/child, husband/wife and wife/husband spanking.

The term can also be applied to BDSM scenes in which such a domestic punishment situation is enacted.


Videos on Spanking Tube[edit]

  • The long spankings of Christopher and Ella  Warning: 18+
    • Ella Misbehaves - 24-07-2010, 8:37
    • Ella's Bad Decision - 30-07-2010, 11:27
    • Ella's Punishment - 08-08-2010, 17:39
      • Ella in a standing position with her hands against a wall
      • Original description by Christopher:
        "Two things quickly. First off, this punishment is for a serious offense that unfortunately we can't share the details of, but we felt that the spanking was still worthwhile. The second thing is that while we watched the video, we realized that the swings of the wooden paddle and the bath brush looked like they were fairly light swings. This was due to the poor placement of the camera which does not allow you to view the true acceleration and force of the swing. Additionally, we only used one camera (at this time) and never cut a scene to make adjustments, or add in additional film for the sake of making a 'production' product. I have always felt this allows you to know that the spanking that you see is what took place. But, I can assure you the swings of these two implements were considerable, and matched the force used for both the Lexan and my hand, which show much more truly."

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