Domestic Discipline Digest

From Spanking Art

The Domestic Discipline Digest (DDD) was a black-and-white spanking magazine published by B. B. Publications from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. It featured artwork by Sassy Bottoms; readers of the DDD submitted short stories describing their personal spanking fantasies or “memoirs”, and Sassy Bottoms edited and illustrated these stories for publication in the magazine.

The DDD is a rare example of a spanking magazine that featured child spanking (fiction), rather than the usual adult spanking.

The Domestic Discipline Digest also featured personal ads. These are mentioned in the news reports on the Spanking Club porn ring case of 2002 as one of the ways the members of the ring got in contact. Although the DDD, like websites such as Handprints, has always been a 100% legal publication, maybe this was among the reasons for B. B. Publications to end the magazine.

According to the Spanking Resources Guide, issues of the Domestic Discipline Digest are possibly still available at distributors such as California Star and Diamond Distribution.