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A drawing of disciplinary F/f schoolgirl spanking by Louis Malteste.

The terms disciplinary spanking, punishment spanking or punitive spanking refer to spanking for punishment, as opposed to non-punitive forms such as erotic spanking or fun spanking.

Whenever children are spanked (at home, at school, etc.), it is most commonly disciplinary spanking, although fun spanking such as birthday spankings are not uncommon either. The following corporal punishment domains, typically with adults or adolescents at the receiving end, are also forms of disciplinary spanking when the buttocks are target of the chastisement:

Disciplinary spanking, especially of children, was once widespread, but today, is illegal in many countries and areas, and has often nearly completely vanished.

Disciplinary spanking is often, but not necessarily nonconsensual, because a spankee can consent to being punished and that doesn't make the punishment less punitive. Also, there are cases that fall somewhere in between the consensual-nonconsensual range, or completely out of it.

Much of modern adult/adult spanking is erotic, sensual and/or fun spanking and is therefore not really disciplinary, even when the partners roleplay disciplinary spanking to get more into the feeling of it. However, some adults practice real punitive spanking as well. Here, the difference between consensual and nonconsensual is crucial:

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