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Diaperman is an AB/DL and spanking-themed comic book series depicting the adventures of a diapered superhero and his spanker nemesis. Written by Michael McAdam, the series originally appeared online but is now available to purchase as Diaperman: The Graphic Novel at Lulu.com.

Concept and creation[edit]

The character of Diaperman came about when writer Michael McAdam was researching costume choices for a Fetish Ball in the city of Calgary. He concluded that the cheapest and easier fetish outfit to wear would be a simple diaper and rubber pants. When others asked him what they could wear and he suggested diapers, his friend and future Diaperman artist Mike Rieger jokingly labelled him "DIAPERMANNN! With incredible diaper powers to diaper people everywhere!" McAdam claimed this joke inspired him and Rieger to write and draw a Diaperman comic book series, and as the series became increasingly popular, it was published by the fetish website Diaper Pail Fraternity. Believing that Diaperman could have a larger audience outside of fetishists, he created a website based around the character and series.[1]


In every city, in every town, there is always one man who will go the distance. One man who stands for what he believes in no matter what forces are brought against him. In Megopolis, that man is Diaperman... a total freak.

The series centers on Michael Adamson, an adult superhero who behaves and dresses like a baby. As an infant, his parents were killed in a plane crash and he was raised by the infantilist Mystic Monks of Hug'gee, who were "dedicated to the peaceful pursuit of the pure aspects of life, as evinced by children". When he came of age, Michael underwent the test of pacification; he put the Mystic Soother of G'uu in his mouth and, upon awakening it's power, was chosen as the Champion of the Hug'gee. He was then required to leave the monks and bring their pacifying influence to the outside world in the form of the superhero Diaperman.

Michael moved to the city of Megopolis, where he attended Megopolis University and became friends with fellow students Mercy Munson and Harry Dean. His romantic and academic rival is the sadistic Mark Richter, who is secretly the supervillian Spanker. Spanker invents a serum which can turn people incontinent, hoping to leave the population of Megopolis dependant on diapers so he can rule over and dominate them. He tests the serum on Harry, leaving him permanently incontinent. Suspicious of Harry's "accident", Diaperman tracks down Spanker and defeats him by using his own serum against him. Since he has to wear diapers anyway, Harry then becomes Diaperman's sidekick, Sleepers.[2]


  • Diaperman / Michael Adamson — The Champion of the Hug'gee, Diaperman is child-like, innocent superhero who wishes to make the world a better place. He posseses the Mystic Soother of G'uu, a supernatural pacifier which grants him amazing abilities. Diaperman is based on his co-creator, Mike McAdam.
  • Sleepers / Harry Dean — Michael Adamson's friend at Megopolis University, he becomes a victim of the Spanker and is forced to spend the rest of his life in diapers, so decides to become Diaperman's sidekick Sleepers (named after the his choice of pajamas). Sleepers is physically strong but not very intelligent.
  • Spanker / Mark Richter — Diaperman's archnemesis, he discovered a mystical paddle in the Temple of P'ng P'ong on an archaeological dig. He is determined to use that paddle to punish and control the world. The Spanker is based on Diaperman co-creator and original artist, Mike Rieger.
  • Doctor Lazurus — Diaperman's scientist friend and professor at Megopolis University. He is the one responsible for discovering Diaperman's origin and for integrating him into adult society.
  • Mercy Munson — Friend to Michael Adamson and Harry Dean at Megopolis University.
  • Black Whip — A dominatrix and recurring villain of Diaperman's.