Diaper domination

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A woman wearing a diaper as part of her fetish

Diaper domination is a form of BDSM play which involves a top dominating a bottom through the use of diapers. It is similar to diaper discipline, but whereas diaper discipline is practiced by parents on misbehaving children and teenagers, diaper domination is specifically carried out between consenting adults. The main purpose of diaper domination is to cause forced incontinence, undermining the bottom's toilet training and subjecting them to extreme psychological turmoil. The diapers' bulk and heat will cause them physical discomfort, and the constant presence of a diaper serves to remind the bottom that they are under the top's control.


Diapers are a unique form of bondage for various reasons. They offer more flexibility since, unlike traditional bondage equipment, they can be worn relatively inconspicuously in public; if people do discover them, they will simply assume the wearer has a medical condition. Being in diapers like a child will cause the bottom to identify the top as a parental figure: giver of comfort, nourishment, and discipline. The top's objective is to subject the bottom to enough discomfort and humiliation that they appeal the use of diapers. Like a child, the bottom will then learn that rebellion is futile, and the top can assert their parental authority by administering further punishment.

In BDSM diaper discipline situations, the top may choose to severely enhance the bottom's discomfort by filling their diapers with their own urine, ice, or stinging nettles.[1] Electric training diapers, designed to discourage bedwetting via the administration of electric shocks, may also be used.[2] Rarely is the person being disciplined allowed to change their own diapers and in some cases measures are actively taken to prevent this. Diapers can be secured or the wearer can have their hands and fingers impaired through the use of rigid mittens or even straitjackets; this is especially common in adult BDSM situations.[3][1]


Diaper domination is said to be more effective on males than females, since males react differently to being forced into diapers. As an external part of his anatomy, a man relies on being able to access his genitals to confirm their presence and state, and putting him in diapers deprives him of this. Females on the other hand, are accustomed to their genitals being internal, and so diapers will not affect them in the same way. Women also experience a form of incontinence in the menstrual cycle; having no control over a bodily function and relying on diaper-like products for personal hygiene and discretion. A man, on the other hand, lacks this experience, and so being in diapers will be more foreign to him.

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