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Painting of a schoolboy in detention by Ernst Würtenberger (1909).

Detention is a form of restriction, a punishment used at school. Here a pupil is detained in a specific classroom, hallway (see Hallway Detention in the video list below), library, gym or another location on school grounds during lunchtime or after school. The punishment is in a way similar to a grounding at home.

During the course of a detention the schoolboy or schoolgirl may be required to undertake a task, such as writing lines or an essay, copying out a passage from scripture, a dictionary or an encyclopedia, or even remain still and motionless. Another variant is being sent out into the schoolyard to pick up litter. In some cases, wearing a humiliating cone-shaped paper dunce cap is part of the punishment.

In-school suspension (ISS) is a modern variation on detention used for disruptive younger students. This involves removing a misbehaving student from his or her regular class for at least half a day where they remain under the direct supervision of school personnel. (See In School Suspension With The Dean in the video list below.)

In popular culture, the comedy-drama film The Breakfast Club (1985) involves the complex interaction between five high school students during a long period of Saturday detention inside the school library.

Detention and spanking[edit]

Detention can also be the setting for a school spanking for delinquent acts or breaking school rules or regulations. This includes vandalism, truancy, bullying, fighting, disobedience, dress code violations, pulling pranks, being bratty, laziness, leaving school grounds without permission, or if the student continues to misbehave or is repeatedly tardy.

In some cases a numerical demerit system is used to keep track of the frequency of offenses committed during a term.

Other times, due to the praise in public, chastise in private philosophy or not wanting to further disrupt the class, a spanking may be reserved for a private detention session later in the day. This can also lead to a second spanking from a parent (see Punished at school, punished again at home).

Sometimes—mostly in fiction, such as literature or film—this privacy provides the opportunity to apply the punishment on the bare bottom, which could not otherwise occur in class.

On The Principal's Office (season 1, 2008), a truTV reality television series about rural schools in the U.S., a girl and a boy at Booneville High School, Arkansas, both agree to take three paddle strokes in exchange for a reduced half-day of detention. The paddlings are heard off camera. Four video clips available at YouTube, "Miss Booneville 2008" and "Nancy Gets Paddled" and "Ladies' Man" and "Shorty Gets Paddled".

Spanking videos[edit]

In the specialized genre of erotic school punishment videos, every conceivable reason for a detention room spanking has been thoroughly explored and exploited in dozens of titles.

Cover of spanking novel by Asa Jones.
  • Detention and a Spanking (Spanking House Productions), photos
  • Ellie Maye in Detention (, photos
  • Kailee: Strapped in Detention (RealStrappings)
  • Knickers Down Detention (, vintage U.K. reissue, photos
  • The Sixth Former's Bargain (Dreams of Spanking, 2022), student Nicky Montford requests a caning in place of detention, photos

Study hall[edit]

"The Detention Room" by Julian Guile.

Study hall is similar to a detention class (and can serve the same purpose) as it is a tightly controlled room for students to sit quietly and study. A teacher is almost always present to monitor the class and maintain the proper decorum. Study hall rooms are most commonly found in middle schools and junior high schools, especially in the United States.

In spanking videos with an academic setting (listed below), study hall is a frequently used location for filming corporal punishment scenes.

  • Bailey Is Spanked For Reading Inappropriate Material (Spanking Bailey), Bailey, photos
  • Caned In Study Hall (Spanking Teen Jessica), Jessica
  • Harlan Punished in Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Jackie Is Paddled For Goofing Off In Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute, 2005), photos
  • Jade and Riley Late to a Study Session (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Melody Skips Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute, 2006), truancy, photos
  • Mila: Study Hall (Spanked Coeds), photos
  • Punished For Masturbating In Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute), Kiki Cali
  • Riley's Supervised Study Time (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Sarah's Classroom Strapping (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Sleeping In Study Hall (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Study Hall Punishment (Spanking Teen Brandi), photos
  • Study Hall Spanking (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Study Hall Strapping, Part 1 (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Study Hall Strapping, Part 2 (RealSpankings Institute, photos
  • Study Hall Strapping, Part 3 (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Study Hall Strapping, Part 4 (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Supervised Study Time, Part 1 & 2 (RealSpankings Institute, Jan., 2021), photos
  • Supervised Study Time With the Dean, Part 1 & 2 (RealSpankings Institute), photos, more photos

Suspension and expulsion[edit]

Example of a punishment detention slip.

Spanking videos in which a student accepts corporal punishment in lieu of suspension or being expelled from school.

  • Bailey's School Suspension (Spanking Bailey), Bailey, photos
  • Caned Instead of Suspended (Spanking Teen Jessica), Jessica, photos
  • Miss D'arcy Disappoints The Head (Strict English CP), photos


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