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Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark), is a country in Northern Europe, made up of Denmark proper on Continental Europe, and two overseas constituent countries - the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, and Greenland in North America. with a population of about 5.5 million. Its official language is Danish. Its capital and largest city is Copenhagen.

Denmark was originally home to the Vikings, who invaded and settled in many parts of Europe and Russia, before emerging as a unified kingdom in the Middle Ages (5th-15th century). Its later history has been influenced by its geographical location between the North and the Baltic seas, which saw struggles for territory between Denmark and its neighboring countries, such as Sweden, Norway and Germany. Denmark obtained Greenland and the Faroe Islands in 1814 after the dissolution of a personal union with Norway, even though it had been in possession of the colonies since the 14th century.

Denmark is now ruled by a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Margrethe II as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government. It is a highly developed country with high standards of living, a high level of income equality, and low levels of corruption. It is also a member of NATO, the United Nations, the European Union, and other international organizations.

Spanking in Denmark[edit]

In history, corporal punishment in Denmark was similar to that of the rest of Scandinavia. There was judicial corporal punishment, as well as disciplinary spanking of children at home and school corporal punishment in school. Spanking is called endefuld in Danish.

Judicial corporal punishment was abolished in Denmark in 1911. Before then, boy offenders aged 10-18 and girl offenders aged 10-12 could be given corporal punishment by the courts. Adults aged 18 to 55 could be flogged for rape and indecent assault. In Danish prisons, prison corporal punishment was common until it was abolished in 1933.

School corporal punishment was abolished in 1952 in government schools in the capital, Copenhagen, and in 1967, in all schools nationwide.[1] In 1997, the corporal punishment of children, including spanking by their parents, was outlawed.

Danish spanking art[edit]

Danish spanking artists include Kira Wolf Cub, Riis, Trekkie Grrrl and Richard Steen.

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