Dave Wolfe

From Spanking Art

Dave Wolfe is the cartoonist behind WolfieToons, which can be seen at the Discipline And Desire pay site regularly and a few other places irregularly.

His emphasis tends to be the humorously erotic (or erotically humorous) aspects of spanking; he says, "Sex itself is pretty odd and funny, and putting a grown woman over your lap to spank her bottom is even more so—and a really big turn-on, too!"

Topically, most "WolfieToons" are M/F with a few scattered F/F.

Dave Wolfe usually employs a more "cartoony" style than the marvelous realistic renderings done by people like Brian Tarsis or Patty. The "look" is uniquely his, but he has also done a few cartoon pastichestributes to or parodies of other famous cartoons.

The first one hundred full-color "WolfieToons" published at Discipline And Desire are now available in a "coffee table book" from Lulu.com, "The Wonderful World Of Wolfe", as well as black-and-white versions in the "WolfieToons Adult Coloring Book."