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Danielle Hunt as Rhianna Parsons in School Detention (Firm Hand Spanking); watercolor by Jameslovebirch (2015).

Danielle Hunt (also billed as Danni or Dani Hunt and Rhianna Parsons) is a popular and prolific British spanking actress. Since 2010 she has worked extensively in the U.K. for a number of major video producers. She's also made two-dozen short videos for Amsterdam-based Spanked In Uniform and its parent company Real Life Spankings and has worked for many production companies in the U.S.

In addition to video performer, Hunt is also a professional submissive, conducting private, one-on-one sessions throughout the United Kingdom and other countries. Her services are advertised on Spankeefinder, a fetish-orientated social networking site.

Career history[edit]

She began by appearing in bondage and mainstream pornographic films. In 2010, while working as a model, Hunt responded to an advertisement for spanking video performers placed by Sarah Bright of Spanking Sarah. Hunt's spanking video debut, released as The Spanking Sessions and The Thieving Maid, was shot in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

This led to job offers from other U.K. producers such as Red Stripe Films, Triple A Spanking, Northern Spanking, English Spankers, Sound Punishment, Spanked Cheeks, Wellspanked, et al.

After establishing herself in Europe, she starred in numerous videos for a wide variety of U.S. producers including Pacific Force, Shadow Lane, Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, RealSpankings.com, Dallas Spanks Hard, Sarah Gregory Spanking, Firm Hand Spanking, Spanked Sweeties, Spanking Sorority Girls, Disciplinary Arts, and Spanked Call Girls.

Speaking about her work she has said: "I feel really lucky that I have become friends with a lot of the people I have shot with. People I am particularly fond of are Sarah Bright, Dutch Mike [owner of Real Life Spankings], Eve Howard of Shadow Lane and Jacqueline Omerta of Pacific Force. I have always found spanking to be a nice little break from reality. It is nice to “lose yourself” in role play and relinquish control." (Full interview at the Tim the Tum site.)

In 2017, Danielle stated her goals for the future were to carry on being disciplined when she steps out of line, running her spanking parties, and appearing in various spanking videos. She has amassed almost 100 spanking implements which can be seen on her website, Stinging Tails Spanking Parties.

Roles and personas[edit]

Hunt's exotic, mixed-ethnic look (being half European and half Afro-Caribbean) is partly responsible for her popularity in fetish videos. She has done a wide variety of costumed roles performing as a nurse, schoolgirl, airline stewardess, Girl Guide (Girl Scout), sailor, soldier, waitress, policewoman, sorority girl, cheerleader, dancer, call girl, maid, secretary, and futuristic space girl in the "Star Trek" parody Disciplinary Ship Genesis (from Spanked in Uniform).

Her versatility has also been greatly enhanced by taking on at least three different personas. When she wears a black wig (or shows her natural dark hair), she usually performs under the name Danielle or Danni/Dani Hunt. (She also sports a partly-shaved head in the Spanked in Uniform titles The Water Cooler, The Backing Singer, Failed Inspections, Mrs. Johnson, and Disciplinary Ship Genesis: Riza.)

For the video producer Wellspanked, she appears under the names "Michelle" and "Claire". For Well Smacked Seat videos, she uses the name "Jane".

"Rhianna Parsons" is the alias she uses when she performs wearing a blonde wig (with some exceptions). She often dons this look when playing the role of a schoolgirl for Firm Hand Spanking.

Performing as disciplinarian[edit]

Although Hunt has specialized in submissive spankee roles for most of her video career, in recent years she has switched to playing dominant characters in numerous Femdom titles for Vixen Ladies, Hard Spanking Vixens, Lina's House of Discipline (all offshoots of Spanked Cheeks), and Strict Women.

She has also played a strict authority figure in several F/F videos where she spanked other women such as St. Catherine's Girl, Part 1 (Spanked in Uniform), Miss Hunt's Class: Stevie's Punishment (Disciplinary Arts), Sister-in-law Takes Charge (Sarah Gregory Spanking), and Spanked Until They Can't Sit Down (Pacific Force).

Spanking videos (as Danielle Hunt)[edit]

  • Bellview Catholic School For Girls, Episode 4: Rude to Her Teachers, part 1 (Spanked In Uniform, 2014)
  • Bellview Catholic School For Girls, Episode 5: Rude to Her Teachers, part 2 (Spanked In Uniform, 2014)
  • The Best of Danielle Hunt 1 (various producers), video
  • The Best of Danielle Hunt 2 (various), video
  • The Best of Danielle Hunt 3 (various), video

Videos as Rhianna Parsons[edit]

  • Birched and Spanked for Stealing (Spanked In Uniform, 2014), Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency series, episode 9
  • Hard Hand of the Law (Spanked Cheeks)
  • Hidden Camera Caning (Red Stripe Films)
  • Madam Lana Spanks Dani & Ginger for Fighting (Spanked Call Girls)
  • Paddled for Littering (Spanked In Uniform, 2014), Law & Order Special Spanking Unit series, episode 2
  • Rude to Her Teachers, Part 1 & 2 (Spanked In Uniform, 2014), Bellview Catholic School for Girls series, episodes 4 & 5

Well Smacked Seat videos (as Jane)[edit]

Wellspanked videos (as Michelle and Claire)[edit]

  • Claire's Detention (photos)
  • Claire's Double Jeopardy (photos)
  • Domestic Discipline: Michelle (photos)
  • Michelle's Beltings: Dishonesty (photos)
  • Michelle's Beltings: Disrespect (photos)
  • Michelle's Spankings: Dishonesty - Jokari paddle, lying, (photos)
  • Michelle's Strappings (photos)
  • More Tears Before Bedtime For Michelle
  • On The Spot Spankings: Claire
  • Robson's Judicial Strapping - as prisoner Robson
  • Schoolgirl Claire (The Tudor's Study), tutor, photos
  • Student Claire's Caning (The Tudor's Study), photos
  • Tears Before Bedtime: Michelle (photos)
  • Tears Before Bedtime for Claire (photos)

Other Spanking Activities[edit]

Since 2013, Danielle began advertising her own spanking parties (website: Stinging Tails Spanking Parties). The first was held in Birmingham on Thursday 19th December 2013 and had four girls. Since then, Danielle has organised parties with a number of other well known spanking performers in other locations through the UK, including Bristol and London.

Periodically, Hunt plays a dominant female at Femdom parties organized by friends.

Spanked for Charity[edit]

Since 2014, Danielle has taken part in annual long-distance walks which raise money for charity. Many of her sponsors are colleagues from the spanking community.

In June 2014, she raised over £3,000 for Motor Neurone Association by doing a 20 mile walk. In May 2015, she raised over £6,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity by completing a 60-mile walk from London to Brighton. She also raises funds by hosting charity spanking parties.

In August 2016, she raised over £3,500 for Prostate Cancer UK by completing a 60-mile walk from Eastbourne, East Sussex to Arundel Castle in West Sussex. In August 2017, she will take part in a 60-mile walk to raise funds for the Lymphoma Association.

Contact Danielle[edit]

Danielle is very friendly and happy to talk to her fans. She can be contacted by email on [email protected]

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