Dancing at the Blue Iguana

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Film trailer with Tilly dominatrix clip at :55.

Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2001) is low-budget independent movie featuring an ensemble cast. This drama is essentially a character study about the lives of a group of pole-dancers working at a sleazy Los Angeles strip club.

Among the more noteworthy scenes are the semi-nude dance performances by Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, and Sheila Kelley – plus Tilly's F/M spanking scene as a part-time dominatrix.

Jennifer Tilly has a flamboyant role as an emotionally unstable stripper given to sudden fits of hysterical rage. Her character specializes in wearing fetishistic bondage wear while performing. In a state of madness she does a wildly unhinged topless dance number at the bar.

After hours, she also moonlights as a dominatrix for hire. (Note: Tilly made another offbeat independent film in 2001 called Fast Sofa where she plays a porn star who is bound and gagged in similar fetish wear and whipped for being unfaithful.)

The spanking scene[edit]

Tilly, working her second job as a pro-domme, is clad in a low-cut latex corset-dress and matching black opera gloves. In an extended sequence, she roughly bullies a submissive male client. He is on all fours in his underwear plus a leather harness and collar. She gives him a dozen hard whacks with a large paddle, makes him eat crumbs off the floor and verbally degrades him.

The scene ends in comedic farce after a drunken dancer friend barges into the room, disrupts the scene, and nearly becomes a co-mistress.

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