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Dana Specht is a disciplinarian and spanking actress who takes the active part in various spanking movies. She also produces spanking movies and is available for spanking sessions.

Brief biography[edit]

Specht's website states:

"I have been a proponent of corporal punishment for many years, going back to the days when I was a very young, single parent of two spirited, headstrong boys, now fully grown. Administered in an atmosphere of love, fairness and caring concern, I found spanking to be an effective way to discipline and deter, to demonstrate that unacceptable behavior can have painful consequences."

In an interview she says:

"My husband showed me some magazines and videos. In the magazines I saw ads for ladies offering spanking services and thought, I can do that. I can do that, because I’ve done that. I know exactly where it’s coming from, because I’m a mother. All I’m doing is doing exactly what I did with my boys when they were teenagers, only the boys who see me now are a little older... Then I strut around in front of him and tell him why he’s here and what’s going to happen to him, which scares the hell out of him. Meanwhile he’s trying to undo the laces of his shoes, and they’re knotted up, and he’s shaking, and I’m just loving it."

Specht appears to belong to the Disciplinary Wives Club, and maintains a DD lifestyle at home. However, the website does not say whether her children are still in the DD lifestyle or how they view it.

Spanking videos[edit]

In the 1980s Specht started working as a pro-domme after placing ads in a variety of bondage and spanking magazines and fetish-service directories. In the early 1990s she began performing in spanking videos as a stern mother/dominatrix figure for Nu-West/Leda Productions in California. These were mostly F/M scenarios such as David Meets Dana Specht and Dana Does Discipline (sold through the company's Leda division) along with some F/F titles. After that she continued to appear in mainly F/M videos for Brooks Applications and others before launching her own video company and website in 1999.

Since 2013 she has been creating videos for Momma Spankings (website), a site co-created by her friend and business partner Sarah Gregory. As the title suggests, the company concentrates on mostly mother/daughter punishment scenarios. The majority of the titles feature Specht as a stern, matronly disciplinarian who punishes girls played by Gregory and others. Some of these titles are also sold on Specht's personal website.


Dana Specht[edit]

  • Punished For Peeking
  • Spoiled Niece Gets Spanked
  • Room Service With Respect
  • A Very Angry Mom
  • Michele (the brat) Meets Miss Dana Specht
  • Dana Specht's Foot Tease Video
  • Michael's Hard Hand Spanking
  • The Disciplinarian Part II (Hot Buns)
  • Renee The Babysitter
  • An Introduction To Dana Specht
  • Punished Maintenance Man
  • The Disciplinarian
  • The David and Dana Collection
  • Morning Interlude
  • How To Punish Your Playboy Husband
  • Fem Doms' Party
  • Trish & The Probation Officer
  • Dana Disciplines Desiree
  • David's Little Secret
  • Cousins Misbehavin'
  • Hairbrush Discipline
  • Audio Tape-My Naughty Nephew Johnnie
  • The Birthday Spanking
  • The Naughty Schoolgirl
  • The Naughty Schoolgirl II
  • The Naughty Schoolgirl III: Mommy's Turn (Impressions Video/Joey Sparks Production)
  • Punished Blackmail Beauty I
  • Punished Blackmail Beauty II
  • Time For His Caning
  • Scolding During Discipline (co-production with Disciplinary Wives Club)
  • OTK To Ph.D
  • Danas Greatest Hits, Volume One (Caning)
  • Double Trouble
  • Nothing But The Strap
  • Down Home Discipline
  • Sweet & Severe
  • Dana's Pretty Panty Boy
  • Ruby's Discipline Training
  • Office Punishment
  • High Class Punishment
  • I Wish My Wife Would Spank Me
  • Disciplined Daughter In Law
  • Punished For Smoking
  • Mouth Soaping
  • Ariel Spanked At School
  • Disciplined Daughter In Law
  • Disciplined Daughter In Law 2: Stolen Panties Spanking
  • Disciplined Daughter In Law 3: Selena Gets It Good
  • That's What I Call A Spanking
  • Ariel Spanked At Home

Brooks Applications[edit]

Nu-West/Leda Productions[edit]

  • Dana Does Discipline (Leda, F/M)
  • David Meets Dana Specht (Leda, F/M)
  • Debra's New Boss (NWV-326)
  • Katie and Mrs. Peagram (c. 2000), humiliation, video
  • Katie Sold For Sex (NWV-281), photos
  • Mature Women Get Caned, Too (NWV-254), photos
  • Six Spanked Bottoms (NWV-259), photos

Momma Spankings[edit]

  • 1950s Maternal Discipline - Sarah Gregory, aunt, cousin (photos)
  • No Daughter of Mine (two parts), Sarah Gregory
  • Not Home Alone - Sarah Gregory, lying
  • The Paddled Princess - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Pajama Party Punishment - Adriana Evans, Sarah Gregory
  • Sarah's Shameful Spanking - Sarah Gregory
  • Sarah's Strict Mommy - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • Sarah's Summer Spankings Remastered - Sarah Gregory, curfew
  • Scolded and Spanked - Sarah Gregory
  • Spanked and Diapered Brat - Sarah Gregory, infantilism, brat, photos
  • Spanked by Teacher, Spanked by Mom - Stevie Rose spanked by Sarah Gregory and Specht
  • Spanked for Stealing - Sarah Gregory, Harley Havik, stealing
  • Spanked Sober - Sarah Gregory, alcohol
  • Spring Break Spankings - Richard Windsor
  • You Must Spank Your Daughter - grandmother Dana spanks daughter Sarah Gregory and granddaughter Mandie Rae.

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