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Dana Kane is an American professional disciplinarian and spanking video producer (Dana Kane Spanks) of F/M and F/F videos. This includes a series of POV videos where she talks directly into the camera and scolds the viewer. She has appeared in several videos by Dreams of Spanking, punishing male and female spankees, and Momma Spankings. In addition, Kane also does product testing and instructional videos for tops.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Angel's POV (Dana Kane Spanks), sequel to Reason to Cry, POV, photos
  • Bratty Kay Spanked Before School (Dana Kane Spanks), mirror, photos
  • Busted (Literally & Figuratively) (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • Fiona's Lost Bet (Dana Kane Spanks), Fiona Murphy, photos, video
  • POV Angry Babysitter (Dana Kane Spanks), babysitter, POV, photos
  • POV: Babysitter Spanking From Mom's Best Friend (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • POV: Bend Over The Teacher's Desk (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • POV: I'll Tell My Mom (Dana Kane Spanks), Fiona Murphy, photos
  • POV: Paddled At School, Spanked At Home (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • POV: Strict Babysitter (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • POV: These Books Are Three Weeks Late (Dana Kane Spanks), librarian, photos
  • POV: Your New Babysitter (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • Real Discipline Request: Christy Cutie (Dana Kane Spanks), lexan paddle, photos
  • Real Discipline Request: Fiona Murphy (Dana Kane Spanks), photos
  • Reason to Cry (Dana Kane Spanks), photos