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Dan (a.k.a. Dan Rivera) is an American spanking artist who has been drawing M/F spanking comics and spanking cartoons for more than 20 years. He is married to his wife Elaine since 1964.

Dan worked on commission for the spanking magazine Spank Hard (published by London Enterprises, edited by Eve Howard) since about 1990. His drawings are humorous/erotic, but never pornographic and never with full nudity. Dan's spankees always get spanked on the seat of their panties (panty spanking).

Dan stopped doing comics but continues to draw one-panel spanking cartoons. He is active on the Internet (see links below), where he shares some of his artwork in forums. Besides spanking in drawings, he also has a great interest in spanking in mainstream films.

Comics and characters[edit]

  • Captain Woodshed is a superhero spanker character. He wears a mask with wing-like hands and is an "agent with a license to spank".
  • Sam Swatt is a private eye and also a spanker character.
  • Spanky Sal (full name: Sally Johnson) is a spankee character, a blonde woman with big breasts and a big bottom. She works part-time as a substitute teacher.
  • Tommy is a student of Miss Johnson who by some lucky chance has become her new spanker.