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Dallas Spanks Hard (formerly known as Dallas Spanks Tiki and DST) is a spanking pay site that offers DVDs and download clips produced by the spanking video producer DSH Productions. Parts of the company, particularly the older films, retain the name DST Productions.

Owned and operated by the titular Dallas – who also performs as the on-camera disciplinarian – most of the videos were filmed at his residence in Sherman Oaks, California. In 2013 Dallas relocated to Ocala, Florida, and continues to produce videos in and around his home. Dallas is married to fetish foot model Sabrina Starr.

Style and content[edit]

The site features M/F spanking photos, video clips, and full-length DVDs. The spanker in all of these films is Dallas. Up to around 2004, the primary spankee in every video was former girlfriend Tiki, hence the name DST Productions. Eventually, the two separated and the company name was changed to the less specific Dallas Spanks Hard (DSH).

Under the new name, Dallas began producing videos with professional fetish models such as Sierra Salem (with whom he was engaged for a time), Samantha Woodley, Alex Reynolds, Amber Wells (from Punished Brats), Stevie Rose, Niki Flynn, Audrey Knight, Kailee Robinson, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Abigail Whittaker, Madison Young, Martina Warren, Raven Alexis, Nikki Rouge, and Amy Aveline. Porn/fetish star Gia Regency was also featured in Behind the Flaming Strap.

There is also a Real Punishment series of videos involving non-actresses in real-life situations. Among his many friends and associates, Dallas provides a discipline service for misbehaving wives and girlfriends. In some cases, such as in The Delinquent, he will take on a complete stranger sent to him for corporal punishment from a friend who works in law enforcement.

Dallas also has his own YouTube channel called spankoisland.

Spanking parodies[edit]

Spanking parody videos based on mainstream films, television shows, and novels:

  • Fifty Shades of Red, with Nikki Rouge, takes it title from the S&M novel Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • I Dream of Janie (2009), comedic remake of the '60s TV series "I Dream of Jeannie" with Amelia Jane Rutherford (watch trailer, full video on Xhampster)
  • I Spank Lucy, recreates the classic '50s sitcom "I Love Lucy" (photos and trailer)
  • Personal Secretary, based on the film Secretary (Amber Wells)
  • When a Stranger Spanks, inspired by the film When a Stranger Calls and erotic thrillers in general.

Other selected titles[edit]

  • Hailey Triple Play (2022), photos
  • Hailey's Domestic Discipline (2021), photos
  • Lost Tilly 1 (2011), video
  • Lost Tilly 2 (2011), video
  • Marked For Punishment
  • Melissa Ashley's Shoplifting Punishment (2019), stealing, photos
  • Rachel Adams Meeting Strangers (2021), photos
  • Raven Alexis: An All-Star Spanking, Part 1 - sports theme, photos
  • Raven Alexis: Part 2 - Hand & Prison Strap - photos
  • Valentine's Day Destiny (2019), Whitney Morgan

Videos on the Internet[edit]

Below are some preview trailers posted on the free site Teen Spanking Tube and excerpts at xHampster, and Xvideos. Free previews for most DSH releases are also available at the Dallas Spanks Hard company website.

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