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"Bill spanks Jamie", M/F spanking drawing by Dabillmann.

Dabillmann (also known as Bill) is a spanking artist. His work is exhibited on Anime OTK and on The Artastic Forum. He mostly draws disciplinary spanking scenes with mostly female spankees of a variety of ages. The spankers can be just about anybody, but when drawing a male spanker he tends to use the same character, coincidentally named "Bill". He hand draws all of his pictures with pencil, re-traces them with an art marker, and colors them with colored pencils.

Dabillmann admits to going through a rather dry spell recently. He drew almost nothing from July to December 2007, but he seemed to find a new inspiration due to forging and Uncle/Niece type relationship with two young ladies on Anime OTK. He draws pictures of "Uncle Bill" punishing one or both of these girls for imagined offences or real ones the girls have confessed to him. He also plans, if he can find the time, to start a series of spanking stories, more or less comic book style, inspired by EndArt's "Pamalee Henderson" stories.

Due to a recent change in drawing technique, only a small portion of his drawings have been posted. He does not consider himself to be a very good artist, but he hopes the pure joy he takes in drawing these scenes shows through in his pictures.

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