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Damian John Black (DJ Black) is the pseudonym of the author of the A Voice in the Corner blog (see link below).

He is a London-based author who has written short stories over many years, but has only been published full-length spanking erotica since 2009. Black has written well over 150 short stories and novellas. His main focus is on consensual and semi-consensual M/F and F/F spanking fiction.


The Russell Corner[edit]

His first full-length novel, The Russell Corner, is typical of his work in that it is set in a number of different settings but grounded in everyday domestic and workplace settings. It is an adult story about Richard Russell and his secretary’s obsession with the Russell Corner where naughty girls go after they have been spanked at work.

Catherine Raven, the high-flying boss of her own property development company, has one ambition: to train Eleanor, her late-husband’s daughter, to take over the company he started by using the same strict methods that he used to train her. Eleanor herself having already failed once, hatches an unscrupulous plot in the hopes of redeeming herself. A plot that could undermine Catherine and brings them both into conflict with Richard Russell.

Meanwhile Margaret Spencer, the head of an exclusive finishing school for young ladies, has her own methods for keeping her students in line. Along the way a Janet Russell, Richard’s wife, and various female employees get what they secretly crave and sometimes more than they bargained for.

The Academy: the future of spanking[edit]

In 2011 Black published The Academy: the future of spanking, a post apocalyptic novel set in an academy for young women.

Founded after 'The Fall' when the world was changed forever and women outnumber men three to one, the Academy is a place of training for young women between 19 and 25. In this school, teachers are punished as well as the students! Having escaped prison, five new girls are sent to The Academy as an alternative. All are nervous and horrified by the idea of corporal punishment. Kate is particulary brash and insolent, and quite determined that no-one will lay a hand on her, let alone a cane or a paddle. But deep down, she is as scared as the rest. It is not long before the girls plus new arrivals experience the disciplinary regime of The Academy. But who are The Sacred Sisters of Revenge? And is Callie all she appears to be? Deceptions and punishments abound in this erotic tale of adult discipline.

The Lord and the Librarian (with Lucy Appleby)[edit]

Rowan Greenway applies for and is invited to take up a post as Librarian to Lord Merlin Collden at his castle perched on the border between England and Wales. It is a 'Finding Year' in Lord Collden's mysterious domain, and Rowan has found her way to the castle where Lord Collden watches and waits, making allowances for now for her modern attitudes. When Lord Collden reveals an ancient secret, Rowan takes fright and escapes, only to run into new dangers at The Citadel. She is pursued by Lord Collden, who is determined to make her his bride.

This is the first book in The Prophecy Trilogy. It is a tale of romance and self discovery and submission. It is also a tale of eroticism, passion, magic and mystery, interspersed with such activities as spanking and paddling, caning and flogging, strapping and birching, and whippings in the pillory - for this place and all its secrets is caught between different eras and ways of life. An LSF Publications spanking romance.


Lanark Island Herald[edit]

Mary is amazed to be chosen as this year's intern for the prestigious Lanark Island Herald. She knows that all Lanark interns go on to a bright future. When she arrives at the island, she soon discovers some strange customs, including the fact that her landlady is allowed to spank her! Mary's first task is to get to know the island and look for an article for the next edition of the paper. She falls into the same trap as numerous interns before her. Gradually she settles into the island life, and gets used to seeing young women regularly spanked. Indeed it isn't long before she too finds herself going over her landlady's knee and also the lap of her boss, Mrs Bonham - who gives Mary a severe initiation. Mary takes all her punishments as well as she is able, and feels that she has passed some sort of test.

The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman[edit]

After her mother's death, Rachel finds herself leaving her native Boston and heading to live with relatives on a struggling ranch in the south. Life is very different there and she finds their way of living harsh - spankings are common. Rachel settles and marries Tom, who often spanks her both for punishment and pleasure. When Tom's half-sister Elisabeth comes to stay, they enroll her in a finishing school, much to her horror. At first Elisabeth hates her new school but as she makes friends she starts to settle. Discipline is strict, and Elisabeth and her friends get into much mischief and find themselves regularly punished. Elisabeth's remaining time at school is never dull, and there are punishments aplenty to remember. When it is finally time for Elisabeth to leave, she finds a way to take her young friend Milly with her, as her maid. Time moves inexorably on, and a couple of decades and a new generation later we see that discipline at the Bannerman ranch hasn't changed much. Rachel and Elisabeth are now mothers themselves and their off-spring follow the tradition of always being in trouble. But the adult women aren't exempt from discipline, as each husband deals with his wife in the time honoured way.

Lizzie Baines: A 1950s spanked wife[edit]

Lizzie is a young woman who is in love with George, a serviceman. After they are married, Lizzie finds herself living with George's mother and sisters Mary and Janey. The discipline regime in the Baines household gives her a stunning realisation of how infractions are dealt with in this family as she watches Mary and Janey receiving a switching whilst bending over the couch. It isn't long before Lizzie feels the impact of Ma's hairbrush, and later a very stingy switch. Lizzie realises she is seriously enjoying watching the many spankings in the household - but when her husband returns home, it seems he has plans to discipline her himself. Spankings are just part of life in this household.

These Lands Beyond[edit]

Chelsea and Candida are lying in the sunshine trying to study the complex history of their country, Americana. They read about banned books and the World Beyond - a world which inspired their civilisation. Their own land is one that has a strict religious fraternity, based on the teachings of the Holy Church of Day and Night. In this land, corporal punishment is the norm. Every infraction is punished, no matter how trivial - as Chelsea discovers when she arrives 45 minutes late for dinner. The girls are routinely punished whilst wearing the traditional garb of the penitent's dress - demure at the front and cut out at the back! Even marriage ceremonies involve spankings in this land. This is a satirical sci-fi that explores the nature of patriarchy and hypocrisy.

Short Story Collections[edit]


A collection of short stories beginning with Atonemnet

Her eyes turned by the delights of a younger man, Rachel Bedford leaves her rancher husband, John, who is much older than she is. She realises her mistake and three months later returns to town on the Denver steam train, and makes her way to the Lucky Strike saloon to find her husband and apologise. He accuses her of making a fool of him in front of the whole town. He will take her back - but there is a price to be paid. She will take a licking - and is sent to the store to purchase a hairbrush for that very purpose. Her humiliation intensifies as she later has to step out half naked in front of the townsfolk and cut a switch from the apple tree.

The Taming of Candy Drew
When Candy Drew travels out West and tries to rescue her sister Martha from the 'beast' of a husband she thinks is abusing her, she discovers a happy marriage based on old-fashioned discipline. After a spanking and a thorough switching, the two sisters come closer in their acceptance of the status quo.
The New Mrs Harris
Charlotte and her daughter Amelia alight onto the muddy sidewalks of the mid-nineteenth century Missouri town. William Harris, intrigued to view his 'mail order bride' from afar sums the two women up as they meet his daughter Rosalie. Trying to be too helpful to the newcomers, she feels her father's rage. Several days pass before the long wagon train is ready to begin its grueling journey to the far north-west. After her severe thrashing, Rosalie keeps clear of her father, but the girls cannot resist teasing some of the boys. Judging that their behaviour is dangerous, William Harris orders them to the tail of the wagon. Charlotte is in a very strange mood. Well into the trail now, it is time for a rest, bathing and washing. Safety is paramount but an encounter with a snake angers Mr Harris. Having punished the girls, he turns to his new wife. It is an interesting and challenging encounter and defines their marriage.
All the Young Dudes
It is a normal, busy day at the Lazy Lanes dude ranch where the resident staff, led by arrogant Cameron Lane and comprising her younger girl cousins, work hard to entertain their customers. Young Paige has been in the firing line for being careless with equipment and neglecting a horse the previous day. Visitors cannot fail to see her and sympathise - but that is only the start of tables being turned!
Wild West Hero
Resentful of the adulation cowboy Brad receives after rescuing a child from a well, town beauty, Becky, steals his horse. When he catches up with her, she gets a good spanking and agrees, reluctantly, to be his date at the Saturday dance. But does she mean it?
Spanking Heroines through the Ages
Here is a collection of four stories featuring various women who have one thing in common - they are all spanked! In Abacus, an amazing archaeological find leads to Anne traveling back in time. She is soon caught and branded a slave. After several years, she gets the opportunity to return to her own time, but will she take it? In Exiles of the Medici, Eloise goes from a spoiled brat to having to dress as a boy and be an apprentice to Don Barbara, who punishes his 'boy' regularly. After the War is Over features a troubled couple's relationship, showing how it is made stronger through a long absence and the hardship of World War II. The centerpiece of their reunion is a spanking. The Trouble with Dames tells of how Marion runs off to marry a man her father feels is quite unsuitable. He hires Eddie Knight to bring her home, but Marion doesn't give him an easy time. However, he has his own way of dealing with feisty dames, and has no hesitation in doing so.

This Thing That We Do[edit]

A collection of short stories that explores M/F spanking relationships. Polly and Michael have an unconventional relationship, neither of them quite sure whether part of their relationship is a game or for real. Polly is a proud, independent, professional woman whose education is every bit the match for her rather bookish husband - yet he is the one to whom she submits. Not that her submission is easy, but each of them know that she demands to be conquered only after a true battle. So, when she overspends again, and follows through with lies and tantrums, she gets corner time, and she gets spanked.

Also included in this volume are the following short stories:

  • Apricity
  • Back to School
  • Girl on a Motorbike
  • I Won't! Who Does He Think He Is?
  • It is All Good
  • The Lady of the House
  • The Last Spanking
  • The Master that Dwells
  • Ouch
  • Paying for It
  • The Road
  • Unlimited
  • Vanilla Twist
  • What Can You Do?