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Cutie Spankee (not to be confused with Spanked Cutie) is the first proper Japanese spanking membership website. It was created in 2003 by the Moore Illustration Bureau. The most recent video listed on their homepage is dated 2013.

Style and content[edit]

The company employs an all-female cast (for F/F-only pairings). The videos are of higher than usual production quality in terms of lighting, camerawork, and editing. The scenarios are colourful, sometimes even lighthearted in tone. The punishments -- most often administered by a matronly authority figure -- are thorough but not severe. Even the canings come nowhere near the harshness seen in many European videos (such as Lupus Pictures, et al.). This softer, more sensual aesthetic is similar to that of fellow Japanese video-maker

The most frequently used location is what appears to be an authentic school where scenes are filmed in hallways and classrooms. The most common cosplay scenario involves the discipline of innocent-looking schoolgirls dressed in classic Sailor fuku uniforms. Other popular costumes include maids, nurses, waitresses, airline stewardesses, sports teams, and office workers. Domestic discipline stories show mother/daughter and aunt/niece pairings plus governesses, sisters, et al.

The company mainly films two-part scenarios. First a hand-spanking followed by an implement that is scene specific. Hairbrushes and rulers in domestic scenes; canes, straps, paddles and crops in school or work scenarios.

The site features webmistress Yurina, a switch who stars in many of the videos. Among the many spankee performers, some play recurring characters.

The website is owned and run by John Moore and Yurina. Since suffering a major illness in 2005, Yurina has been unable to film more than a few videos since (she was last seen in mid-2006 for a single summer special). Still active in the message boards, she assures members that the current group of spankers will be able to keep the other naughty girls in line during her prolonged absence.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • A Lecture About Caning (2017), sailor fuku uniform, photos
  • A Secretary's Domination - Yuri spanks her female boss (video)

Previews on Teen Spanking Tube[edit]

The often abbreviated or otherwise ad hoc titles used for these preview clips on the Teen Spanking Tube site may differ from the actual titles on the Cutie Spankee website.

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