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A cushion.

A cushion is a soft bag stuffed with padding, such as feathers, wool, cotton wool, foam rubber, or air. Cushions are most commonly square, rectangular, round, or cylindric.

Cushions are used as a mobile padding to make sitting and resting on chairs and couches more comfortable, and also for sitting, kneeling or lying on the floor.

A pillow is a type of cushion for resting one's head on in bed. A bolster is another special type of cushion.

Cushions in spanking[edit]

Vintage F/mm caning scene with a cushion on a chair.

Cushions are used in spanking for several purposes:

  1. To make a spanking position more comfortable for the spankee, especially when unpadded (e.g. wooden) furniture is used.
  2. To enhance a lying spanking position by pushing up the spankee's buttocks. Often, a pile of two or three cushions will be needed for a satisfactory "push up" effect. The use of cushions in this way also makes clenching difficult for the spankee, so the spanking will be delivered to relaxed buttocks.
  3. Cushions are good for spankers to practise spanking precisely and controlled with new implements, such as canes, straps, or whips. It is a good idea to practise first on a cushion; the spanker can see exactly if the intended target spot was hit or missed.
  4. After a sound spanking the spankee may be allowed (or not) to sit on a cushion, e.g. during meals or homework, to make sitting more (or less) comfortable.


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  • Example photo of a woman on a couch, her hips raised by a cushion for a bare bottom spanking.  Warning: 18+