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A cuckolded husband is humiliated further with a spanking on "sissy" panties in a femdom spanking piece by Underling.

A cuckold is a husband of a cheating wife. Cuckolding is a sexual practice in which a married/monogamous man gets sexual pleasure through watching his wife/partner have sex with other partners. The term hotwife is applied to a wife/partner performing the act of cheating or cuckoldress in case if along with the cheating there's a domination involved. It is one of the most popular types of femdom fetish. As an abstract concept, it can be regarded as a roleplay femdom game.


From Middle English cokolde, cokewold, cockewold, kukwald, kukeweld, from Old French cucuault; a compound of cucu (“cuckoo”). Some varaties of a cuckoo bird are known for the alleged habit of changing mates and the habit of leaving eggs in another nest.


The psychology behind this fetish is not simple. Some psychologists interpret cuckold fetishism as a variation of masochism, the cuckold getting pleasure from being severely humiliated. Freudian psychology suggests that cuckold fetish is a way to cope with the fears of infidelity or failure. In recent years, however, a few theories emerged suggesting that cuckoldry is deeply intertwined with misogyny.[1] Women can carry and birth children and men can't, thus the only way to avoid being a literal "cuckold" is to control the wife at all costs. Cuckolding is seen as the ultimate insult/humiliation for a man, while the women are reduced to mere objects with their only valuable qualities being their virginity and loyalty. Some people speculate that the catalyst for cuckold fantasies is not just fear of infidelity, it's a way to "prepare" for it.[2] This explanation is oftentimes overlooked in favor of some more tapped-into theories.

Racial undertones[edit]

One of the most popular and prevalent aspects of cuckolding pornography and fantasies is interracial sex. White wives are oftentimes depicted having sex with strong black males. In cuckold lingo, these men are often dubbed "bulls". The general consensus seems to be that the interracial angle adds to the taboo nature of that fetish. There is also a well-known stereotype about black men having larger penises, which is yet another reason why the cuckold would feel "inferior".

Cuckolding in pornography[edit]

There are numerous adult entertainment studios that specialize in cuckold pornography: Devil's Film, Blacked, Blacks on Blondes, Taboo Dream Studios, Kink and Digital Sin. Famous cuckold genre personalities include performers like India Summer, Chloe Nichole and Kimberly Kendall. Many celebrities practice open relationships as well, sometimes it involves cuckolding in one way or another.[3] Over the course of a last few years, cuckolding became more and more "mainstream" with many people pointing out that there's an undeniable bisexual element to the husband's enjoyment of his wife's adultery.[4] [5]. The aforementioned source claims that more than 50% of men admitted that they have strong bisexual urges and their wife's intercourse with another male is a good way of living out this fantasy. Sometimes, in cuckolding pornography, the desire for humiliation and secret bisexual urges manifest themselves as a phenomenon called "forced bi". Many fringe and, oftentimes mainstream, cuckold studios/content providers focus on the bisexual humiliation aspect of cuckolding.[6] The cuckold can act on his bisexual urges, but only because of his wife's orders. This scenario creates an easy way to cope and continue to repress the aforementioned desires. There are, however, also studios that specialize in a different kind of cuckolding. It's a completely different take on the genre: the wife's cheating is built around and focused on her degradation. Many men fantasize about their partner as not a strong or liberated individual, but as a mere sex object, a toy.[7] Overall, cuckolding pornography offers a variety of sub-genres, there are many aspects of this fetish that are being explored by popular adult entertainment studios.[6] On the other hand, many people prefer amateur or low-budget content from real-life couples that are into "The Lifestyle". With the rise in popularity of cuckolding and femdom in general, people find that there is no shortage of high-quality amateur clips that rival the ones made by the bigger studios.

Cuckolding in popular culture[edit]

Many popular films use cuckolding/blatant cheating to highlight a male character's weakness or obliviousness. The most notable examples include Me, Myself & Irene, EuroTrip, Indecent Proposal and Eyes Wide Shut. You're the Worst (2016 TV-show), however, focuses on a more serious/psychological aspect of this phenomenon.

Correlation with higher IQ[edit]

Many recent studies show that cuckolding has been emerging as the fetish of choice for the top American intellectuals. Many people cite online forums as a point of reference, expressing amazement at the posters that celebrate cuckolding as more of a cerebral stimulation that encompasses voyeurism, BDSM, jealousy, sharing, sublimation and lust. Some of the notable real couples into this lifestyle are high-powered executives and people with Ph.Ds.


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