Crimson Kid

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Lies, damned lies and spanking statistics...Of baby boomer Americans born between 1946 and 1959, 84% engaged in nude spanking activity before doing anything else in their lives.
  — C.K.

Crimson Kid is a spanking author who wrote "Maternal Matrimony", a spanking stories series set in Rejuve Universe. "Maternal Matrimony" has been called an example of an F/m (boy spanking) story that is also clearly Femdom. He has 4 femdom ebooks published by LSF Publications using the name Carlton Kristain: Carolina Blues; F/M Spanking Games; Showing Him Who's Boss; and Brittany Rules the Roost.


Crimson Kid is known to use three saying.

Happiness is a Warm Bottom (or Behind, Butt, Backside)
May your cheeks always be rosy.
Live long and prosper.