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Creative Commons (abbreviated CC) is a is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to legally build upon and share.

Creative Commons Licenses[edit]

Creative Commons has developed a set of licences to enable authors and artists to share their creative work with others. There are eleven Creative Commons Licenses, of which six are regularly used:

Images, audio and other files that are licensed under one of the two Creative Commons licenses marked with an asterisk can be used on the Spanking Art wiki. The other licenses are not "free enough" in the sense that is required by many open content wiki projects. For example, an image licensed under CC-BY-NC, which through the "NC" allows only noncommercial use, or an image licensed under CC-BY-ND, which through the "ND" allows no derivative works, may not be uploaded and used in this wiki, nor on Wikipedia.

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