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Colored pencils.

A crayon is a stick of colored wax, charcoal, chalk, or other material used for writing and drawing. A crayon made of pigment with a dry binder such as wax or clay is called a pastel or Conté crayon. A crayon made of oiled chalk is called an oil pastel.

Crayon pencils, commmonly known as colored pencils, have wax cores with pigment and other fillers, encased in a thin wood cylinder like a pencil.

Crayons are the perhaps most common method to use color in drawing (as opposed to painting). They can be used in the same simple and intuitive way as pencils on paper. Crayons are so easy to use that most people do their first steps in learning to draw with crayons - at toddler age, at home and in kindergarten.


"Corner time", crayon-colorized drawing by Lawrence Kinden.
Alexis Payne, colored pencil portrait by Jameslovebirch (2012).

Crayons draw colored lines, but with hatching and/or smearing techniques it is also possible to fill areas with a solid color, a mixed color, or a gradient. Still, mixing colors is a little difficult with crayons, which is why crayons usually come in sets that cover a palette of many different colors.

Crayon drawings can be purely done in crayons, but crayons can also be combined with other media. Often, an artist first draws a black and white contour drawing with pencils (or ink) and then uses crayons to colorize it.


Wax-based crayons can't be removed with an eraser (unlike pencils) because that would only rub the wax deeper into the paper. There is practically no way to remove such a line once it's drawn. This is why it is so disastrous if a child draws with crayons on places that are not meant for drawing on, such as furniture, books or wallpapers.

A child who has committed such an act (even though it was usually not malicious) will usually get a good scolding and may also face a punishment.

Crayons in spanking art[edit]

Spanking artists who work mainly in crayons include Alina, Cocleshell and Ron Wilson. NAI creates AI-generated spanking art that often has the look of colored pencils.

Crayons have a typical appearance that may remind many of their own drawings at kindergarten and school age. This is why spanking drawings in crayons may have a 'simple' and 'nostalgic' feeling to them - something that may distinguish them from too-professional-looking art found elsewhere.

Alternatives to crayons for colorization[edit]

Some artists want to colorize a drawing but don't like to use crayons. The most popular alternatives are markers, watercolors, and digital colorization using an image editor.

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