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Family tree showing the relationship of each person to the orange person. Cousins are colored green, while the gray and white stripes signify different generations.

A cousin is a child of your parent's siblings. There are other types of cousins depending based on this, and the term can used to cover these as well.

Degree of cousin-hood

  • second-cousins share a set of great grandparents.
  • third-cousins share a set of great great grandparents.

Removals of cousin-hood indicate there is a generation difference between the cousins. If the cousin is of a later generation than the subject, then simply add the number of generation difference to the degree of cousin-hood. But if the cousin is of an earlier generation than the subject, you must also remove a degree.

  • first-cousins once removed can be either the child of your first cousin, or the parent of your second cousin.
  • first-cousins twice removed can be either the grandchild of your first cousin, or the grandparent of your third cousin.
  • second-cousins once removed can be either the child of your second cousin, or the parent of your third cousin.

Cousins roles in ageplay[edit]

In an ageplay context, the role of cousins is often assumed by bottoms and/or switches, especially by friends whose tops ('Guardians' or 'Bigs') are also friends. By roleplaying cousins, the littles accept the other one's Big as an uncle or aunt, which gives them a natural authority over them and adds a family context to group play.

Spanking videos[edit]

Selected titles, including a few with real-life cousins Julia and Joanne Jameson:

  • Spanking Cousin Carmin (Disciplinary Arts), Kyle Johnson spanks his younger cousin for smoking.
  • Spanking Cousin Stevie (Disciplinary Arts), Kyle spanks his cousin Stevie Rose.
  • Spanking Girls at the Bad House (Raven Hill Studios), inmate has flashback of spanking she got from her male cousin (photo).

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