Corner time before and after

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In La fessée à l'école (c. 1925), a French "schoolgirl" is put in corner time with a donkey cap, then spanked for being naughty while in the corner, then put back into the corner with her knickers still down, while her classmate gets it.

Corner time before and after is a disciplinary method in which the delinquent is put in corner time before and after the actual punishment, which may be a spanking.

corner time — spanking — corner time

The two corner times may be called "pre-spanking" and "post-spanking" corner time. In the post-spanking corner time, the spankee may be forbidden to rub his or her stinging bottom, e.g. by being made to stand still in the hands on head pose. The corner time may also be spent in the same state of (semi-)nudity (e.g. pants and briefs pulled down to the ankles) as during the spanking, for additional shame and embarrassment. This is a popular method in spanking fiction but may also easily be enacted in consensual spanking with roleplay. A corner is easy to find; if there is no suitable corner one can improvise by letting the spankee face an empty wall or just stand still, or kneel, in the middle of the room in a punitive waiting pose.

The corner time should not be too long; 5 or at most 10 minutes should be generally enough.

In an extended spanking session, the spanking may be given in two sets, with corner time before, between, and after:

corner time — spanking — corner time — spanking — corner time

Or even in the same fashion in three sets.