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In a BDSM relationship based on dominance and submission, consensual non-consent means that the submissive partner agrees to unconditionally submit to the authority of the dominant partner on a long-term basis. This authority includes the top's right to discipline the bottom even if such punishment is against the will of the submissive at the time it is given. The usage of a safeword is by definition ruled out. The point of time, method and extent of a punishment is determined by the dominant part alone, while the submissive retains no power to halt or abort any implemented measure.

This also includes occurrences of restraining, such being shackled, bound or strapped to a device at any time and possible confinement within a closed space, none which the sub can reverse during the priorly agreed timeframe. The top has the irrevocable power to withhold any form of comfort or convenience from the bottom, to seize any items of clothing at will and can naturally enforce unquestioning obedience through different forms of (non-consenting) punishment.
A framework of consensual non-consent along with the obligatory total power exchange is usually regarded as an essential part of a prison roleplay or similar settings.

This type of consent is also called blanket consent or metaconsent. The submissive wants to be in a relationship or a setting where they are subjected to actual and "emotionally real", non-consensual punishments along with genuine constraint to follow rules and orders given by the top. This may also include being cuffed, chained or bound, getting strapped to punishment devices as well as actually getting locked up in confinement against their present will, depending on the chosen type of scene.

The concept of consensual non-consent allows partners to act out the ideal of a non-consensual power exchange without giving up the safe, sane and consensual principle, which the top alone is liable to take full responsibility of during the entire setting.

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