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Connoisseur Spanking, also named Connoisseur CP and Connoisseur Videos, is or was a British spanking video producer who went into business in 2003, making F/F and M/F spanking videos, mostly with a domestic or school setting.

A connoisseur (from French) is a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, or an expert judge in matters of taste.

Together with the American company Ohh Tee Kay Productions, they founded Connoisseur Spanking America. The company by the original name seems to exist no longer.

List of released movies[edit]

  • Birched at School
    • Cast: Kirstyn Gold, Monica and Jadie Reece
    • sequel of Booked for Punishment
  • Booked for Punishment
    • Cast: Kirstyn Gold, Monica, and Jadie Reece
    • prequel of Birched at School; a prefect spanks two girls accused of stealing a valuable book
  • Boarding School Discipline 1 (2004), boarding school
    • Cast: Gina Moon and Monica
  • Boarding School Discipline 2 (2005)
  • Cane, Set, and Match
  • Family Discipline
  • Final Warning (2004)
  • Fixed Penalty (2006)
  • Graffiti Girls (2003)
    • Cast: Emma Brown and Therese
    • A headmaster punishes two schoolgirls for vandalism
  • The Imposter, Part 1: The School Inspector (2003)
  • The Imposter, Part 2: The Police Inspector (2004)
    • Cast: Dublin O’Brien and Monica
  • The Imposter, Part 3: The Night Nurse (2004)
    • Cast: Dublin O’Brien and Monica
  • The Imposter, Part 4: Imposter’s End (2004)
    • Cast: Dublin O’Brien and Monica
  • Kept in the Dark
  • Miss Baker’s Dozen (2006)
  • Prefect’s Error
  • Reformed in Five Days (2005)
    • Cast: Monica, Kara Jayne Dempsey and Morgan Taylor
    • sequel of Final Warning; three cousins attend a reform school
  • Selfish Habits (2003)
    • Cast: Emma Brown and Therese
    • The spanking of nuns in a convent
  • Spanking Good Homes
    • Cast: Kirstyn Gold, Monica, and Jadie Reece
    • An estate agent offers two house-buyers a discount if they will accept a spanking

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