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A computer game, sometimes also known as a video game, is an interactive software for the purposes of entertainment. It may involve either a challenge or puzzle of some description, a story and characters or a sport. They can come on many formats, which include PC, Mac and specialist branded consoles.

Computer games can be found covering almost all genres that exist, including spanking.

Computer games and spanking[edit]

Though mainstream computer games are similar to other mainstream media when it comes to spanking in that spanking is rarely the focus, there are occasional mentions and incidents.

Notable incidents include:

Spanking fan art[edit]

As with other media (such as comics or cartoons), computer games are fertile ground for fan made interpretations of characters (fan art) in situations tailored to the artist's or audience's personal fetish. Popular video game characters can be found in all kinds of spanking situations.

Spanking computer games[edit]

See Spanking in computer and video games.

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