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A young mother prepares the Christmas Tree while her child sleeps. Note the presents such as apples and gingerbread man, as well as the birch rod laid out on the chair.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Handprints Drawings Gallery #197 (Various Artists)
Santa Claus spanking a girl.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Handprints Drawings Gallery #243 (Various Artists)
Santa Claus spanking a girl. Rendered art by Spankred.

In many continental European countries such as Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Christmas has a spanking-related tradition.

The character known as Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus or Father Christmas in English-speaking countries does not only come to people's homes at St Nicholas day (or Christmas) to bring small gifts and presents for the children. In Europe, he traditionally comes to praise and reward children who have been 'good' in the past year and to reprove and/or punish children who have been 'bad'.

Sometimes St Nicholas is accompanied by a sidekick, a frightening companion for this punitive job, known as Bicho-papão in Portugal, Père Fouettard in France, Hans Trapp in the Alsace, Houseker in Luxembourg, Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands, Knecht Ruprecht in Germany, Schmutzli in Switzerland and Krampus in Austria. This companion usually has a dark, frightening appearance and carries a birch to threaten and/or punish 'bad' children. Children were also sometimes warned that if they were very bad, Knecht Ruprecht or Krampus would put them into his sack (or his pannier or bucket, in case of Krampus) and take them away. In Finland, joulupukki ("Yule goat"), was originally sometimes a similar demonic creature, but he is not a companion to St Nicholas.

In other cases, the two characters are rolled into one: St Nicholas has no companion and carries both a sack of presents and a birch, to reward and to punish as required.

In regions where St Nicholas was, in the course of the Reformation, replaced by Christkind, the same would sometimes take the same companion -- for example, Hans Trapp in the Alsace.

Today the tradition has disappeared in some places; in other places the punitive element is still there, but usually the birch will only be used for threatening. Sometimes a 'bad' child will receive a small birch as a symbolic present, and sometimes such a birch is even decorated with sweets to turn it into a positive present despite the intended 'warning message'.


Morgen kommt der Nikolaus, zieht dir alle Hosen aus.
  — Traditional German children's rhyme. Translation: "Tomorrow comes Nikolaus, pulls down all your pants".

"Hast denn das Säcklein auch bei dir?"
Ich sprach: "Das Säcklein, das ist hier:
Denn Äpfel, Nuss und Mandelkern
essen fromme Kinder gern."
"Hast denn die Rute auch bei dir?"
Ich sprach: "Die Rute, die ist hier;
doch für die Kinder nur, die schlechten,
die trifft sie auf den Teil, den rechten."

  — Excerpt of the poem Knecht Ruprecht (1862) by Theodor Storm.

"Did you, then, bring your sack, my dear?"
I said: "The sack, it is right here;
because good children love to eat
apples, nuts, and almonds sweet."
"Did you, too, bring your rod, my dear?"
I said: "The rod, it is right here;
but only for the naughty ones,
to make them feel it on their buns."

  — Free translation, rhymed

A recent parody of a traditional Christmas song called The 12 Spanking Days of Christmas can be seen at a website created by Sarah Thorne. This site also contains Christmas spanking stories.


Main article: Pfeffern

There is also another Christmas tradition with a connection to spanking, in which children hit adults with a rod, and receive treats (sweets, pastries or money) for it.

Gallery 1 (traditional)[edit]

Gallery 2 (photos)[edit]

Adult spanking videos[edit]

A number of underground spanking video producers have created films centered around Christmas. There is even an X-rated film called Christmas Punishment (2009) with porn star Jenna Haze (synopsis at Adult Video News, pics at Brazzers, trailer at, video at the blacklisted external site Redtube:, 34 min.). Below are some examples.

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A Christmas Spanking Story (Momma Spankings), naughty Sarah Gregory spanked by mother Dana Specht and Santa, photos, preview video

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A Kinky Christmas Wish Come True, Part 1 (Captive Chrissy Marie), photos

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A Spanking Carol (, fantasy story, photos

A Spanking for the Little Grinch (GoodSpanking, 2020), Chelsea Pfeiffer, Kyra Fox, photos

A Trophy Wife's Christmas Spanking (Sound Punishment)

A Very Merry Fuck You (Disciplinary Arts), photos

A Very Merry Self-Spanking (Disciplinary Arts, 2019), Johanna Sullivan, self-spanking, photos

A Very Merry Spanking (Disciplinary Arts), naughty girl punished with a strap, a large candy cane, and wooden spoon (photos).

A Yuletide Birching (Dreams of Spanking), Pandora Blake, photos, preview clip

Abi's Christmas Present (episode 41 in the My Spanking Roommate series), in Santa outfits, Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory spank elf Abigail Whittaker (photos).

All I Want for Christmas (, harsh BDSM punishment session.

Amber's Xmas Spanking (Spank Amber), Amber Dawn

Am I Naughty or Nice? (Sarah Gregory Spanking), Sarah Gregory spanked by John Osborne while wearing Santa suit (photos)

Amy's Spanking Diary (Chinese Spanking), girl spanked in Santa suit, video

Ash's Christmas Present – an 8-minute self-spanking video that can be seen on Spanking Tube.

Bad News From The North Pole! (Universal Spanking and Punishments, 2020), Santa's helper, Shy Sky, is spanked, photos

Bad Santa Claus (Roughman Spank/Nettles Corporation, 2018)

Bare Blistered Naughty List (ATP Studios, 2021), naughty Stevie Rose gets paddled, photos

Bedtime Christmas Caning (Girls Boarding School, c. 2019), bedtime spanking, photos

Better To Give Than Receive (GoodSpanking), photos

Blitzen Gets Blitzed (Delco Video Productions), Santa spanks reindeer Adriana Evans, photos

Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2011 - promotional video for annual event created by Punished Brats featuring Amber Wells (aka Pixie) and Aurora being punished by Santa. You can watch it at Spanking Tube.

Bottoms Roasted on an Open Lap - Chrissy Marie Holiday Spanking (ATP Studios), photos

Bratty Erica Thinks a Burglar is Santa and Gets Her Ass Beat on Christmas Eve (eRica's Chronicles), photos

Casey's Christmas List (Northern Spanking), Casey Calvert, Paul Kennedy, photos

Christmas Bonus: Krampus Spanking (Clare Spanks Men), Femdom, photos

Christmas Caning for Naughty Bella (Highland Manor House, 2021), Domina Scarlet, Bella Bird, photos

Christmas Chrissy's Sweet Treat (LBC Fetish), photos

Christmas for Christy + One (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), Christy Cutie in a trio of F/F stories.

Christmas Cracker (Northern Spanking, 2022), Rosy Ann, Paul Kennedy (photos, more photos)

Christmas Day ( - 6 episodes on Schoolgirls! 2 (jacket image, Part 1 Clips4Sale, Part 2 Clips4Sale)

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Christmas Gift ( - on Compilation 15 (jacket image), 6 episodes, includes Christmas Gift (Clips4Sale) · Remi (spanker) / Nana (spankee) · Sample Video clip, FLV, 10 sec.

Christmas Job Spanking & Caning (Spanking Veronica Works), photos

Christmas Party Problems (Northern Spanking), photos

Christmas Peeker Thrashed (Disciplinary Arts)

The Christmas Quiet (Lupus Pictures, 2006), set in the 1900s, tattletale Hanicka informs on her sister and the maid, both are caned and get an enema. Later the girls get Hanicka in trouble on Christmas day, resulting in her getting a caning and a humiliating ginger root figging (photos).

Christmas Spanking For Naughty Girls (, 2018), photos

Christmas Spanking and Paddling (Latin Spanking, 2020), photos

Christmas Spanking in the Office (My Spanking Roommate, 2021), photos

Christmas Spankings, Chloe's Christmas Spanking, Chloe Spanks Elf Madison, and Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking (My Spanking Roommate), F/F, M/F

Christmas Special (M109) (, China, photos

Christmas Special! A Model Christmas (Northern Spanking), Amelia Jane Rutherford, photos

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Christmas Spirit 1 & 2 (Well Smacked Seat), photos

Christmas Story, Part 1 & 2 (RoughManSpank, Russia), Santa belt-whips a naughty girl (photos)

The Christmas Surprise (Spank Sinn, 2017), photos

Christmas Thrashings (from Moonglow West) is one of the few holiday productions to come out of the United Kingdom.

Christmas Treat (Firm Hand Spanking, 2010), Samantha Woodley, holiday M/F discipline of naughty elves (photos)

Christmas Wish (, 2021), photos

Daija: Happy Holidays! (Spanked Coeds), M/F, photos

Dana's Christmas Album - Seasons Beatings (, a femdom video with Dana Specht severely beating a male submissive. (Preview clips can be seen at Spanking Tube.)

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Episode 85: Christmas Elf Training (Spanking Veronica Works), F/F, three elves spank each other.

Episode #180: Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking (My Spanking Roommate)

Evil Elf is Spanked (Girl Spanks Girl, 2019), F/F, photos

Evil Elf Spanks Elf Dria (Spanked Call Girls), sequel to Evil Elf is Spanked, photos

Evil Santa (, Santa punishes and has sex with two female slave elves in his workshop.

Fairy Spanking (Northern Spanking), a Christmas fairy is punished.

Family Christmas Spanking (Girl Spanks Girl), Lana Miller, Cupcake, Ivy Sherwood, photos

Father Christmas (Punished Brats), Amber Wells gets punished by Santa (photos).

Father Christmas and the Mischievous Gingerbread Girl (Spanking Digest, 2008), Richard Windsor, Audrey Knight (Spaking Tube preview video, SpankBang video)

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From Santa (Cameron Dawn, website)

Santa punished by three women in Femdom film by The Ivory Mistress.

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Here Comes Santa in Black Dress (, Japan), photos, sequel: Santa In Black Dress Gets A Red Bottom.

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I Love Christmas! ( - Mature Spankees, 6 Episodes, Preview (WMV, 0.78 Kb, 58 sec.), "includes: […] I Love Christmas!", F/F, 81 min. · Kiriko (spanker) / Kurumi (spankee)

In The Christmas Spirits (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment); Carolyn Reese plays an elf who is punished by a drunken Mrs. Claus (Clare Fonda). Later, a turnabout (role reversal) where the elf gets revenge and paddles Mrs. Claus.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Belt Whippings - Holiday Spanking (ATP Studios)

It's Christmas (Spanking Sarah); Santa punishes bad girls.

Kay Gets A Christmas Spanking (My Spanking Roommate, 2020), Kay Richards, photos

Krampus Christmas Spanking (Girl Spanks Girl), fantasy, photos

Krampus Spanks Naughty Girl (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, photos

Lazy Little Elves (Sarah Gregory Spanking); Santa uses his hand and an oversized candy cane to discipline his female elves (photos, photo gallery)

Lily Starr's Holiday Spanking Special – Christmas video with a preview clip on Spanking Tube.

Livia & Viola - Santa's Naughty Apprentices (Spanking Experience, 2020), photos

Maddy Gives a Christmas Spanking (Girl Spanks Girl, 2020), Maddy Marks, photos

Madison Spanked at Christmas Party (My Spanking Roommate, 2022), Madison Martin, Lexi Holland, photos

Megan's Xmas E-Card – a video Christmas card available on Spanking Tube

Merry Christmas! Bad Christmas! (Spanking Experience), photos

Merry Christmas From Shira! – a short self-spanking video posted on Spanking Tube.

Merry Christmas Mr Peters (Xerotics), with Elizabeth Simpson

Merry Spanking Xmas (Triple A Spanking), Danielle Hunt, Santa's helpers get M/F punishment.

Miss Santa Humiliated (Spanking Town), photos

Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking (My Spanking Roommate), daughter spanked in elf costume, photos

Mrs. Clause Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works, 2018), Luci Lovett, photos

My Spanking Santa or A Red Bottom Christmas (Spanking Sarah) features sex acts as well as punishment. (Spanking Tube preview video, video at SpankBang)

Nadia's Christmas Punishment (Outlaw Spanking Video), preview video at Spanking Tube.

Naughty Elf Chrissy (LBC Fetish, 2022), Chrissy Marie, kitchen, photos

Naughty Elf Spanking (Larzstord, 2022), photos

Naughty List (Adarajordin, 2021), photos

The Naughty List, Part 3 (ScarlettBelle, c. 2022), Scarlett Belle, POV, photos

The Naughty List: Sabrina (Assume the Position Studios), preview

Naughty and Nice (Worst Behavior Productions, 2022), Veronica, Cara Day, photos

Naughty or Nice (Punished Brats), Amber Wells, photos, video on SpankBang, 2nd video on SpankBang

Naughty Santa ( - six-part series (photos, website, jacket image, Clips4Sale)

Naughty's Christmas Caning (video) and Christmas Spanking are by an amateur videomaker on Spanking Tube.

Nicole & Anita - Strange Santa Claus, Part 1 & 2 (Spanking Experience, 2020), photos

Niny and Mimi Christmas Paddling (Latin Spanking), photos

Not What She Wished For (Sarah Gregory Spanking), Alex Reynolds, photos

Office Christmas Spanking (Girl Spanks Girl, 2022), Constance, Greasy Rose, office, photos

On The Naughty List (Sam Johnsons Spanking Studio, 2022), Santa spanks Samantha, photos

Over Santa's Lap: Debbie (Disciplinary Arts), photos

Over Santa's Lap (Cameron Dawn, website) – preview can be viewed on Spanking Tube.

Pandemonium At Home (Punished Brats), "Christmas Brat" and other stories

Painful Christmas Present (, Japan), a mother-daughter story (photos)

Pixie's Fantasies (Punished Brats), third vignette, A Visit by Father Christmas, has Amber Wells spanked by Father Christmas ( photos])

Promise of Christmas (, 2022), photos

Punished for Impatience - Casey's Early Xmas Present (ATP Studios), photos

Punishment For Elves Lucy and Emma by Strict Miss Scott (Lucy Into Spanking), photos

Real Discipline Holiday Special 2016 (Lily Starr Spanking) Christmas montage - a compilation video (Punished Brats), starring Vanessa, Leia Ann Woods, Pixie, Juliet Valentina, Violetta, and, often as "good old Santa Claus", Richard Windsor, can be seen at Spanking Tube.

Santa (Lupus Pictures, 2008); set in the 1950s, three sisters find punishment implements in their Christmas stockings (video).

Santa Claus and the little Gingerbread Elf (The House of Richard Windsor/Spanking Digest, 2008), Richard Windsor, Audrey Knight (video)

Santa and His Big Sack ( is a M/F video with Santa disciplining two naughty girls. A preview clip is available on Spanking Tube.

Santa Jane (Girls Boarding School), Jane is spanked while wearing a Santa cap (M/F)

Santa Knows Who's Been Naughty (Spanking Ms. Cali), preview

Santa's Little Whelper (Spanking Services), female helper punishes brats (F/F).

Santa's Naughty Apprentices (Spanking Experience), (M/F), photos

Santa's Present (; F/F punishment from Japan.

Sassy Xmas Spankings (Triple A Spanking), Sarah Gregory, photos

Sexy Secret Santa Spanked Scarlet (Sound Punishment), photos

Slappy Christmas! (Northern Spanking), photos

Sober Holidays (Disciplinary Arts, 2020), Kyle Johnson, Yasmine Sinclair, Roxxy, photos

Sober Holidays, Part 2 (Disciplinary Arts, 2020), photos

Spanked by Santa (Pacific Force, 1998), Santa, porn star Ron Jeremy, spanks Jamie Lee.

Spanked for Good Intentions (Universal Spanking & Punishments, c. 2019), M/F, photos

Spanking Christmas (Cutie Spankee), F/F action from Japan with female Santa and cosplay-style elf.

Spanking the Holiday Slut (ATP Studios), Casey Calvert, photos

Spankings at Christmas (Spanking Sorority Girls), photos

Spankorama (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment) is an anthology of short films. In one of the segments, Ashley Fires plays an impish elf who is punished by an angry Mrs. Claus (Pfeiffer).

Spankorama II (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment) is another multi-part collection of videos. In "When Elves Go Bad", Anastasia Pierce and Samantha Woodley play elves who spank each other and later face the wrath of Mrs. Claus.

Spoilt Brats Get Punished at Christmas (Sound Punishment), Amelia Jane Rutherford, photos

Stevie Rose Naughty List Paddling (ATP Studios), Stevie Rose, photos

Strange Santa Claus (Spanking Experience), photos, more photos

Stupid Santa Girl (, 2017), Emiri, Hiroko, photos

Sunnie's Christmas Caning (Northern Spanking, 2020), Paul Kennedy spanks elf Sunnie Exeter (photos)

Swapping Tags - Stevie Catches Her Stepsister (Assume The Position Studios, 2022), Stevie Rose, Trouble Maker, photos

There's Gold in Them Thar Frills! (SoundPunishment), English porn star Jasmine Lau gets spanked while wearing a Santa costume. A video clip can be watched at Spanking Tube.

'Twas the Night Before Xmas.... (Redneck Spanking), preview video The 12 Days of Spanking ( – a humorous Christmas video that can be viewed on Spanking Tube.

The 12 Days of Spanking ( – a humorous Christmas video that can be viewed on Spanking Tube.

What She Really Wanted for Christmas (Northern Spanking), photos, gallery

Wild Santa Claus and the Bad Girls (Spanking Experience), homepage, photos, more photos

Wipe That Smile From Your Face (Punished Brats), photos

Xmas at Aunties – femdom title featuring a female Santa available at Spanking Tube.

Xmas Cheer– two English girls wearing Santa caps are caned for drinking. video clip at xHamster.

Xmas with Chrissy Marie (Worst Behavior Productions), M/F, photos

Xmas with Mr. Peters & No Christmas in England (, double feature, photos

Yule Be Sorry (Shadow Lane, 2015), Mrs. Santa spanks her helpers; Violet October, Venus Divine, Layla Savage. Directed by Eve Howard (photos).

Gallery 2 (adult)[edit]

In Christmas-themed adult spanking art, humor is often mixed with eroticism.


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