Chip Wilson

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Chip Wilson is an artist who has done at least one fine spanking drawing (/f, see link).

About his drawing[edit]

Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #141
Drawing by Chip Wilson.

The artist wrote about his artwork: "The (...) image depicts a female (...) about twelve years old in the wake of a fairly harsh willow switching. (...) The .jpg consciously depicts contemporary clothing in acknowledgment that spanking is a contemporary practice. (...) I should clarify my compositional technique on this image in order to assure viewers that it depicts no actual person. The base B&W line drawing is partially traced from approximately ten photographs, most taken by me of my own figure (e.g. hands, which I cannot draw well off the top of my head), others depicting furniture, hair, eyes, ears, and so forth. Coloring is done manually with the resources of GIMP. Clothing, switch on floor, welts are original."

About the artist[edit]

Chip Wilson is a male in his mid-20s (as of 2009) and lives in the Southwestern United States, where he works as a nuclear engineer. He grew up on the East Coast. He was spanked as a child, up until about age 13. The later spankings were surely influenced by his parents' having read the work of Christian conservative blowhard James Dobson (Dare to Discipline). For details on that, read his "tale of woe" on Project NoSpank.

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