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A famous child spanking drawing by Hans Holbein the Younger (c. 1497 - 1543).

A child spanking drawing is a depiction of a (nearly always fictional) child getting spanked, in the medium of drawing. Most child spanking art are such drawings from imagination, and not photos or videos depicting real children.

Child spanking drawings range from book illustrations of the Middle Ages to humorous 19th century cartoons and 20th century comics, up to modern digitally colorized line art work in Western or anime/manga style.

Settings and pairings[edit]

The spanking scenes depicted are very often school corporal punishment (teacher/student) or domestic spanking (e.g. parent/child). Up to the mid-19th century, nearly all child spanking drawings show boys as spankees, while the spankers were mostly men (fathers or male teachers), and occasionally women (mostly mothers). Towards the end of the 19th century, the genre widened and more pairings appeared.

For historical examples of school corporal punishment drawings (mostly M/m), see:

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