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F/f spanking illustration by Louis Malteste.

Child spanking art is spanking art where the spankee is a child. Depending on the gender of the spankee, a work of child spanking art is either girl spanking art and boy spanking art. With a few exceptions in comic art, the spanker is usually an adult.

Spanking art websites are often exclusively on child spanking art or on adult spanking art; seldom on both. See schisms within the spanko community for more on this.


Popular pairings in child spanking art are:

Less common are the combinations where the spanker is a child. Oftentimes these are play spankings, but not always:

Characteristics of this genre[edit]

Most of child spanking art is fictional stories and drawings (see also child spanking drawings). There is very little photographic and video art; most of these works were created for mainstream movies starring child actors, or depict fun spanking such as birthday spanking. See child spanking photos and child spanking videos for more on this.

Child spanking scenes in real life, stories and movies are typically non-consensual disciplinary spankings; i.e. a child is punished for misbehavior by a parent or guardian. Child spanking art are works of artistic expression that narrate and interpret such events. Child spanking art may involve non-sexual nudity which is due to the subject matter, but is usually never erotic. For one thing, a fictitious child spankee who finds sexual pleasure in getting spanked would be an unrealistic character as pre-puberty children are generally not able to experience a spanking as erotic. For another thing, most artists and authors fear that such works could be considered child pornography in some jurisdictions. For that reason, practically all of the child spanking art published is an artistic narration or interpretation of either fun spanking or disciplinary spanking, which are accepted non-sexual forms of spanking.

Another version are children spanking other children, either in play imitations of disciplinary spankings, via games like house, spanking games[1] or even sometimes as consensual disciplinary spankings as a way of making amends[2].


  1. Spanking games such as in the short film La Valiente
  2. roguebfl's If you go down to the woods today... is such an example of a consensual disciplinary spankings between children.

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