Child's Play

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For how long have I been interested in spanking, you ask? Perhaps a better question would be, when haven’t I been? Despite the fact that my parents had never spanked me, beyond a few swats, I have always had this interest. I recall in grade school, trips to the library where I would look up ‘spanking’ in the dictionary and how it would send chills through my body. Of reading children’s tales involving the spanking of a child and how I would read the story over and over, especially if there was an illustration. Sometimes, late at night, I’d smack my own bottom, trying to achieve the feel of a spanking, though my own arm would tire before very long. My daydreams were filled with spanking bad little girls and receiving spankings for my own transgressions.

When one is interested in spanking, especially at a young age, one understands that they are different from the other kids. And so, I didn’t tell anyone for quite some time after I realized my interest.

When I entered the fifth grade, I met June Mason...

  — Excerpt from Chapter 1: Shared Interest

Child’s Play is a spanking story series by Lawrence Kinden. It features playful and disciplinary spankings between children (m/f, f/m, and f/f) and currently consists of 22 chapters. The story is told in first person from the point of view of the principal male character, Thom.

Main Characters[edit]

  • June
    June is the second main character of the story, and is the best friend of Thom. The two of them find each other in fifth grade, and the most of the story is about the spanking adventures of these two.
  • Thomas
    Thom is the main character of the story as he narrates from first person. Thom is a spanko who realizes that he's different and so keeps his fascination to himself until he suspects that June, a girl in his class, may also share the fascination.
  • Kelly
    Kelly is a girl Thom made friends with while not allowed to see June. The two quickly realize that they share the spanking interest. She was a friend of June's before she got to know Thom.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer is June's cousin, and appears in three of the chapters. She seems to like spanking.
  • Carol and Saundra
    These are two girls Thom and June meet at a rec-center when they are on a camping holiday. Carol is about 17 and works for the camp. Saundra is her sister and is about 13 years old. The two of them see Thom give June a spanking, while spying on them. Soon it is clear that Carol and Sandra also have a spanking interest, but they have never tried to spank each other.


Spoiler warning

Thom is a boy who knows that he is different because he likes spankings. And then, one day in the fifth grade, his teacher threatens the class with spanking. This sparks discussion and debate amongst the class at lunchtime. Thom suddenly finds that he is not alone in his interest because there is a girl named June who shares it. The story follows the spanking adventures of Thom and June.


The original series[edit]

  1. Shared Interest (f/m, m/f cons)
  2. Playing House (m/f, f/m cons)
  3. Happy Birthday (f/m cons)
  4. House Guest (m/f cons
  5. Nightcap (m/f cons)
  6. Warm up (f/m s-cons)
  7. Unexpected Addition (mf/f s-cons)
  8. Twin Tails (m/ff s-cons, cons)
  9. Caught Kissing (f/mf, cons)
  10. Close Calls (f/m, m/f cons)
  11. Camping Exercises (f/m cons)
  12. New Territory (m/f cons)
  13. Instruction (m/F, f/f cons)
  14. Back to the Roots (m/f, f/m cons)
  15. Stacked Deck (f/m, F/m, F/f cons, n-cons)
  16. An Old Face (m/F cons)
  17. New Player (m/f cons)
  18. Face to Face
  19. Pillow Fight (f/f cons)
  20. Rapprochement (mf/f, F/f n-cons)

The continuation[edit]

  1. Playing with the Storm (m/ff cons)
  2. Coach Mary (FF/f n-cons)
  3. Punishment (m/ff)
  4. Peeping Tom
  5. Turn About (ff/m)
  6. Firmmly fourteen (f/f)
  7. Giving spanks (m/f)
  8. Going forward
  9. June and Jenny (told from Junes perspective) (f/f)
  10. Midnight fireworks (f/f)