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Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, abbreviated CPE, is a spanking company based in Burbank, California that produces mostly F/F spanking videos (there are a few M/F titles). The company is owned and operated by actress/director Chelsea Pfeiffer.

CPE has a subscription site called GoodSpanking (featuring girl-spanks-girl content) and another girl/girl site, Spank Sinn, featuring actress Sinn Sage. GoodSpanking Classics is another sub-division for older videos. Compilations of short videos from various sites, such as the Spankorama series, are available in CPE's online catalog.

History and management[edit]

Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment originally started as a business under the name Camera Art, founded by Chelsea Pfeiffer and Robert Harmon (Harmony Concepts). After four years, Pfeiffer purchased the company from Harmony Concepts and renamed it Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.

In addition to handling the production details, writing, and directing, Pfeiffer also appears in nearly all of her videos, usually portraying a hard-hitting disciplinarian.

On occasion she also plays a spanked submissive in stories that involve a "turnabout" plot twist such as Chelsea's Cute Competitor, Take a Hike!, Desperate Homemakers, and Soccer Moms Spank Off. Most of these stories feature her friend and fellow video producer Clare Fonda (creator of Clare Fonda Productions).

Pfeiffer also submits to non-scripted spanking sessions in her annual "Chelsea's Birthday Spankings" series.


Most of the better-known California-based fetish stars have worked for CPE, including veterans Stephanie Locke and Greta Carlson, as well as Punished Brats co-owner Amber Wells, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sarah Gregory, Kailee Robinson, Stevie Rose, Danielle Hunt, Samantha Woodley, Ashley Fires, Sierra Salem, Gia Regency, Anastasia Pierce, Jewell Marceau, Eva Barton, Julie Simone, Asia, and Venus De Light.

Style and content[edit]

CPE produces videos that encompass a broad range of scenarios. There are informal, non-scripted "reality spanking" sessions, fictional stories with traditional set-ups (mostly domestic discipline), tales of fantasy that include elaborate costumes, genre parodies, and science fiction. Their videos do not involve BDSM elements (such as humiliation, brutality, torture dungeons, etc.) or severe caning. Instead, emphasis is placed on extensive over the knee punishments via hairbrush and a variety of paddles which Pfeiffer applies with considerable skill.

At the company website the videos are grouped into eight catagories. The stock number of each title is preceded by an acronym (CP, CS, CSS, etc.) that indicates the type of film.

  • CPE Features (CP) - Full-length films with an emphasis on storytelling.
  • Chelsea Spanks! (CS) - Unscripted and uncut spanking videos that usually include a brief interview with the model.
  • Chelsea Spanks Specials (CSS) - Short story compilations (three or four short films) culled from their GoodSpanking members' site.
  • Chelsea's Birthday Spankings (CBS) - Chelsea submits to a special spanking session every year on her birthday.
  • CPX Extravaganzas (CPX) - A new series of more elaborate productions beginning with the science fiction story SpaceGirls!.
  • CPE Samplers (CPBG) - Compilations of hilights from CPE Features.
  • CPE Classics (CP) - A catalog of the older titles in the collection.
  • Spank Sinn (SS) - A series of videos starring Sinn Sage taken from the Spank Sinn website.

List of released movies[edit]

Chelsea Pfeiffer Classics[edit]

CP-1 to CP-5[edit]

CP-6 to CP-10[edit]

CP-11 to CP-15[edit]

CP-16 to CP-20[edit]

CP-21 to CP-25[edit]

CP-26 to CP-30[edit]

CP-31 to CP-35[edit]

CP-36 to CP-40[edit]

CP-41 to CP-56[edit]

CP-57 to CP-64[edit]


CP-65 to CP-71[edit]

CP-72 to CP-79[edit]

CPE Video catalog[edit]

CP-80 to CP-89[edit]

CP-90 to CP-99[edit]

CP-100 to CP-135[edit]

  • Spankorama III (CP-108), Carolyn Reese, Sinn Sage, Erika Kole, Helena Hart, Cleo Nichole, Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce
  • Never Spanked, But Curious (CP-109), Carolyn Reese, Vanessa Vanowen
  • A Risque Method (CP-125, 2012), parody of the film A Dangerous Method; therapist Chelsea spanks patient Mei Mara (photos)
  • Shopping for a Spanking (CP-135, 2013), Christie Cutie, video

Chelsea Pfeiffer Extravaganza[edit]

Chelsea Spanks[edit]

  • Chelsea Spanks Vicki Chase (CS-32, 2012), video

Chelsea Spanks Specials[edit]


  • Three Spanking Shorts (2007-09), Revenge of the Testy Teacher, Kailee, Don't Drink and Photocopy, Mina Meow, Over the Laptop, Carolyn Reese (video)

CPBG-1 - CPBG-6 Preview Tapes[edit]

  • "C.P. Sampler #1" (CPBG-1)
    • 55 Minutes
    • clips from CP-1 through CP-18
  • "C.P. Sampler #2" (CPBG-2)
    • 60 Minutes
    • clips from CP-19 through CP-38
  • "C.P. Sampler #3" (CPBG-3)
    • 45 Minutes
    • clips from CP-39 through CP-52
  • "C.P. Sampler #4" (CPBG-4)
    • 35 Minutes
    • clips from CP-53 through CP-64
  • "C.P. Sampler #5" (CPBG-5)
    • 70 Minutes
    • clips from CP-65 through CP-78
  • "C.P. Sampler #6" (CPBG-6)
    • 60 Minutes
    • clips from CP-79 through CP-99

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