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Cheek to Cheek was a British spanking video producer active in the early 1990s. Its productions, usually 40-60 minutes long, depict the spanking, tawsing, slippering, and caning of young adult women by men and by each other.

Style and content[edit]

The punishments depicted are generally of moderate severity and carried out with a degree of formality. While the films exhibit a keen awareness of the eroticism of spanking, they do not include overt sexual content. Three titles concern the disciplining of uniformed members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, two are set at a training college for athletes, and four feature a troupe of dancers whose clients can also hire them for spanking shows.

Unusual for British spanking videos, many Cheek to Cheek productions include acting credits, but this is misleading. The names listed are usually those of the characters, not of the performers. At least two of the company’s spanking actors went on to greater fame: Sarah Jane Hamilton became a porn star in the U.S., and Vida Garman was one of the most acclaimed British glamour models of her generation.

In several films, the faces of the male spankers are never seen. Their desire for anonymity may have been the primary reason. It also meant that a single actor could play several characters in the same film by changing his clothes and speaking with a different accent. The practice nevertheless has an artistic result: the facelessness of the spanker makes it easier for the viewer to imagine himself in the story. This effect is sometimes enhanced by having the spankee address her punisher by speaking straight to camera.

Cinematography and scenarios[edit]

The director (who is not identified) understood the appeal to fetishists of women handling canes and tawses and talking about spanking. Hence, some memorable trailers and a preview tape (1993) presented by Sonja van Kemenade (as ‘Niki van Kiel’).

Cheek to Cheek’s cinematography emphasises the beauty of women’s bottoms with close-ups and repeats from different camera angles. The spankees are often shown changing their clothing or taking showers before their punishments. An outstanding feature of the series is the frequent use of slow-motion replays that reveal in fascinating detail the compression and rippling of fleshy buttocks when struck.

Each film uses a variety of settings, often including outdoor scenes, especially in the establishing sequences. For example, the first shot of Military Discipline shows a Wren walking past a boat in a harbour, Cambridge Blues includes footage of Cambridge colleges, and Sixth Form College opens beside the River Thames near Kew Bridge. Sports College contains open-air spankings. A favourite indoor location was a large institutional hall with a bare wooden floor and a curtained stage.

Other hallmarks of a Cheek to Cheek production are the wearing of tennis skirts and realistic blue senior school uniforms, the presentation of spankees on a wooden trestle use of the horsed position, and the punitive use of a particular old blue plimsoll.


In the early 21st century, the Cheek to Cheek back catalogue was made available on the internet by the Classic Spanking website, which marketed the films as a series of short clips. This made them far more widely known while also diminishing their integrity and the coherence of their plots. Certain full-length videos exist in different versions, having been re-edited to incorporate material from other titles. For instance, a scene from High Fliers appears without explanation in the middle of some copies of Sixth Form College.

By far the most famous product of Cheek to Cheek is Vida Garman’s segment of Military Discipline.

List of released movies[edit]

  • Naval Discipline, 59 mins.
    • Wrens are disciplined by a male lieutenant commander; with Vida Garman, Becky Cowan, and Pip Ward.
  • Military Discipline, 55 mins.
    • Able Wren Travis (Vida Garman) and an army cadet receive punishment.
    • Confusingly, Vida Garman’s scenes in Military Discipline are sometimes excerpted under the title Naval Discipline.
  • The Trestle
    • At a naval base, a male lieutenant commander and female lieutenant (Martine Healey) accuse Able Wren Wallace (Sarah Jane Hamilton) of an adulterous affair.
    • Scenes from The Trestle appear in some versions of Naval Discipline.
  • Trestle II: Sports College, 37 mins.
    • Victoria Maxwell, Susan Palmer, and Jane Williams from St Audrey’s Sports College commit trespass while on a cross-country run; they are spanked by their headmaster Mr Marshall (Larry Barnes).
  • Trestle III: Cambridge Blues, 42 mins.
    • Two students, Louise Wilshire and Natasha Peachey, accept chastisement from an employer and a tutor, who then pays them to appear in a spanking show with Debbi Fuller.
  • Trestle IV: Sports Comeback (1993) 40 mins.
    • A sequel to Trestle II: Sports College; Mr Marshall (Larry Barnes) and Mr Oglethorpe arrange a ‘paddle relay’ to punish Victoria, Jane, and Susan for drunkenness.
  • Sixth Form College (1993)
    • Emma has cheated in an exam; Nicola (Sonja van Kemenade) has got drunk.
  • Secretarial College, 49 mins.
    • Squabbling secretaries Francesca (Luna Winter) and Katherine (Amanda King) are spanked by their supervisor Amanda; they take their revenge by blackmailing her.
  • High Fliers, 59 mins.
    • Mary and Nicky have been steaking duty-free goods from Heathrow Airport; with Sara Wilton, Michelle Watson, Amanda Hamilton, and Belinda Wilkinson.
  • Dancing Dirty (1993) 48 mins.
    • Joanna Walker joins a dance group, managed by Niki van Kiel (Sonja van Kemenade), that presents striptease and spanking shows.
  • Dance School I, 48 mins.
    • Scottish dancer Joanna Walker upsets her employers by missing rehearsals; with Niki van Kiel (Sonja van Kemenade) and Imogen Hall.
    • Also advertised as Dancing Dirty 2.
  • Dance School II: Dancing Discipline, 52 mins.
    • Amanda (Luna Winter), a new member of the spanking dance group, irritates her colleagues Niki (Sonja van Kemenade) and Joanna.
  • Dance School III: Triple Trouble
    • More striptease and spanking shows with Niki (Sonja van Kemenade), Joanna, and Amanda (Luna Winter).
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, 50 mins.
    • Heidi attends an unconventional audition for the job of magician’s assistant with Anton the Great (Larry Barnes) and Carrie (Kerry Matthews).