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Cheating using a cheat sheet.

Cheating is an act of deception mostly associated with circumventing the rules and conditions of an examination, game, or sports event to gain an unfair advantage or otherwise falsify the outcome. A person caught cheating is called a cheat in British English, and a cheater in American English.

Games, sports, and school[edit]

Virtually any form of competition or game of chance can involve cheating. Cheating includes various forms of deception such as creating a false front during an inspection to hide rushed or shoddy work, stealing ideas or copying the work of others (during a test or homework/term paper), or using unsanctioned tools and/or reference materials such as cheat sheets during an exam.

Cheating is most commonly found in gambling and sporting events (i.e., fraud motivated by financial gain), and among primary school and college students struggling with slovenliness, bad grades, and the fear of expulsion.

Adultery and infidelity in other romantic relationships is also referred to as cheating.

A person can cheat on their income tax via false reporting, cheat others out of their money using deception, and cheat on oneself by failing to adhere to a self-imposed rule such as staying on a diet or exercise regimen, etc.

Cheating and spanking[edit]

A child who cheats at a game might be punished with a spanking. Schools consider cheating a serious offense that defeats the central purpose of education. In schools that employ school corporal punishment, cheating can be a spankable offense.

There are many schoolgirl spanking videos that use the shameful crime of cheating as the central plot device that leads to the inevitable corporal punishment segment. (See Examination for specific test-related school stories.)

These videos typically include classroom (or detention room) scenes of spanking, caning, strapping, and/or paddling from a teacher, headmaster, or coach. There are also many sent-home-in-disgrace stories featuring parental punishment scenarios. Some titles combine school and home locations in a single video or form a two-part story.

Various forms of cheating offenses (on exams, in sports, adultery/infidelity, etc.) are represented in the list below. Less common are examples of fraud such as Welfare Cheats (California Star) and Cheating The System (Spanked Cheeks), in which Leia-Ann Woods and Andi Switch are caught falsifying a work benefits claim.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bailey Is Caught With Stolen Test Answers (Spanking Bailey, 2006), Bailey, photos
  • Brandi's Dorm Room Strapping (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi copies Kailee's homework, photos
  • Harley Punished for Cheating (Delco Video Productions), Harley Havik, photos
  • Kailee Spanks Brandi for Accusing Her of Cheating (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, photos
  • The Need for Discipline (Spanked School Girl), math exam cheat, photos
  • St. Justs: The New Cheat (English Spankers)
  • Stormy Spanked For Cheating On Test (Spanking Sorority Girls), Snow Mercy, cheat-sheet tale, photos

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