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A chatroom is an Internet-based (not necessarily Web browser based) forum where multiple people can interact in real time. Participants must generally be online and logged in to a site that supports chatrooms, then must join a room. Once joined, any participant can send a message, which is displayed to all participants in the room. Typically a given message is a single line or at most a few lines, but this varies.

Chatrooms can be used for any sort of conversation or discussion that the participants want. Some rooms have pre-specified topics or limits. Many sites offering chat have special chatrooms for online roleplay.

There are a number of different implementations of chatroom software, with different features and restrictions. There are many sites that support one or more chatrooms. Many of these support a large number of rooms. Sites may limit how many rooms a given user can be in at the same time.


A popular protocol for Internet chat is IRC (Internet Relay Chat). On IRC, chatrooms are called channels. There are various chat clients that support IRC.

Chatrooms and spanking[edit]

Many people use chatrooms for online roleplay, or cyberplay. They are also used to discuss issues related to spanking without engaging in roleplay. A given site may have some rooms devoted to discussion and others to roleplay.

Spanking-oriented sites that are or include chatroom services:

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