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Charles Sackville was the pseudonym of an unknown author of Edwardian era novels of flagellation and spanking erotica. His name was most likely taken from the 17th Century poet and courtier Charles Sackville (1638-1706), 6th Earl of Dorset and 1st Earl of Middlesex.

Sackville's books were first published in London and Paris by Charles Carrington and William Murray [Carrington's agents, Roberts & Dardaillon] in Glasgow, Scotland. His books are quite rare as many were privately printed limited editions sold only to subscribers.

Several of his novels follow the continuing adventures of Mr. Howard; the first being Maud Cameron and her Guardian (1903). This was followed by Two Lascivious Adventures of Mr. Howard – A continuation of Maud Cameron and her Guardian (1907), Three Chapters in the Life of Mr. Howard (1908), and Whipping as a Fine Art – Being an Account of Exquisite and Refined Chastisement Inflicted by Mr. Howard on Grown-up Schoolgirls (1909).

Other titles include: The Amazing Chastisements of Miss Bostock (1908), and Fantastic Chastisements. Being a Complete Description of Many Ingenious Methods of Punishments of Young Ladies (1911).

Another Mr. Howard novel, Bound to Please was published by Grove Press in 1972, and Blue Moon Books in 1999 and may be a retitled Whipping as a Fine Art or the work of a later author.

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