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Chalk is a soft, white, porous type of limestone mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Natural chalk consists of the amorphous remains of shells of microscopic marine organisms deposited on the sea bottom.

Chalk in art and writing[edit]

Chalk in the shape of a crayon is used to write or draw on blackboards, e.g. for teaching in schools.

In drawing, chalk is combined with dark drawing media such as charcoal to create highlights and special effects. Usually a non-white paper of a medium value is used for this purpose. See chalk and charcoal for more on this technique.

Chalk is also a main component in pastels to create a tint of color pigments.

Other use[edit]

Chalk is also used for many other purposes, for example in sports and climbing for a secure grip.

Chalk and spanking[edit]

See the chalk dust method.

See also[edit]

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