Cero en conducta

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Episode segment with many ruler-smacking scenes.

Cero en conducta (translation: Zero in conduct) is a Spanish-language situation comedy series from Mexico that ran from 1998 to 2003. The show is about a group of rambunctious schoolchildren who taunt their teachers and each other at a strict elementary school. Reruns are currently being shown on Univision in the United States and elsewhere. The series stars Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, a well-known Mexican comedian, actor, director, and producer.


This highly unusual series features adult actors (de Pinedo was fifty when the show started) playing unruly pre-adolescent school children. The "boys" wear comical sailor-type tunics, shorts, and caps. The "girls", played by beautiful, curvaceous women, wear skimpy uniforms consisting of a pleated miniskirt and a very short midriff-baring top. Despite the fact that they are supposed to be children, the girls often behave in an extremely sexy and provocative manner that adds to the overall surrealism of the show (de Pinedo, it should be noted, is over six-feet tall and sports a thick mustache).

Each episode is filmed in the same classroom set. The class is managed by two no-nonsense teachers, a man and an obese woman. Both brandish oversized plastic rulers which they use to strike and spank the students (especially the girls) whenever they misbehave — which is often. Despite being a campy parody, there is an obvious sexual subtext with a touch of what could be called comedic fetishism which accounts for the popularity of the series.

In some episodes, misbehaving students are also forced to wear a humiliating donkey cap as a form of punishment.

The spanking scenes[edit]

Each episode more or less repeats the same pattern with the students constantly being disciplined for bad behavior. Boys and girls are frequently called to stand or come to the front of the class to answer a question or recite a lesson. This usually leads to some fresh remark that angers the teacher and earns them one or more smacks with the paddle-sized ruler. Sometimes the teacher will chase the student back to their seat or around the room. Boys often get hit on the head or shoulder while the girls always get smacked on their rear end. The students are always disciplined while standing or running; no other positions are used.

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