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Being able to express my fantasies through my art is very important to me. It is a sort of release, and often a distraction from the stress and drama of daily life.
  — Cc, about herself.

Cc is the online pen name of a spanking artist who posts her art at Anime OTK.


Gonna be a long day, a recent Domestic Discipline drawing by Cc.
The night is Young, an older consensual drawing by Cc.

Cc is a female student living in the central United States, born in 1988. She is currently studying a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in an American University.

She has been interested in spanking since a young age and considers it to be nature for her, not nurture. She is a submissive spankee strongly interested in consensual Domestic Discipline as a topic and potentially as a lifestyle. The more she read and interacted the more her tastes focused on M/F.

Although never spanked so far, Cc remains an active member of the online spanking community and has used the internet since she was a young teen to seek out others with her spanking fetish. She has an interest in art sites, spanking stories and is a keen roleplayer.

Her art[edit]

Her style includes bright colors and detailed backgrounds while conforming to anime-style character designs. Her pictures often include dialogue that implies extensive plot.

Almost always with a tongue in cheek approach to the theme many of the pictures have inbuilt humour either directly represented or expressed as a reference to the relationship of the characters. Cc draws many different theme's of art, including Science fiction and Fantasy.

Previously only an artist of M/F Pairings Cc has been expanding into all adult spanking adult themes including comic series with a female head of household or HoH and female mistresses dominating both genders.

Avoiding Domestic Discipline[edit]

Cc is the artist and author of a series of short spanking comics entitled "Avoiding Domestic Discipline".

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