Carolyn Faulkner

From Spanking Art

Carolyn Faulkner (also known as CFaulkner, Abby Collier and Paddledlittlegirl) is a prolific U.S. author of spanking stories and spanking novels.

She was at one time a regular poster on the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup, where she posted several story series, including the "Daddy Seth and Missy" series, the "Menage" series, and the "Trinity" series, and a number of romance-themed spanking novels.

More recently, she has sold her work commercially, through pay sites such as Bethany's Woodshed, Spanking Playhouse, and Discipline and Desire sites, among others, and has become involved with the "Guardian Island/Backside of Love" online project (which grew out of the old "SubMiss" mailing list/email library). She also sells some of her works in book form on Spank Books.