Carolina Jim

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Carolina Jim is an author of spanking stories, primarily F/f and F/F domestic spanking stories involving mothers and daughters. He posted stories in the newsgroups and soc.sexuality.spanking between the years 1996 and 2002. Some of his stories are multi-part serials, while others are standalone entries. Many of his older stories are archived at Laura's Spanking Corner and others are available through newsgroup archives.

Most of his stories are period pieces based in the 1950's and 1960's and involve older teenage females, including college-age women. The main characters of the stories are almost exclusively female; men and boys are either not present or scarcely mentioned. Nearly all the spankings involve the use of the hairbrush on the receipient's bare bottom and tend to be severe in nature, often resulting in bruises or other marks.

Some primary themes of Carolina Jim's stories are:

  • a mother initiating (or returning to) the use of spanking as a primary disciplinary tool to reestablish control over her older daughters' behavior
  • a college-age daughter attempting to assert her independence, only to learn to her dismay that she is still subject to maternal spankings at home for misbehavior
  • tightly-knit families with old-fashioned values, run by a loving but no-nonsense mother who uses spanking as a primary method of punishment