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Political satire with Scotsman whipping Britannia, England's symbolic goddess figure (note flag on shield and muzzled lion) with thistles, the emblem of Scotland. The anguished onlooker might represent the Church of England (c. 1750).

A caricature is a humorous drawing that depicts one or more persons in a funny, extreme, or absurd situation, usually with the intention of satire. Technically, caricature and cartoon drawings have much in common, but caricatures usually portray real-life people while cartoons depict fictional characters. An artist who draws caricatures is a caricaturist.

Political caricature often uses symbols and ulterior meanings to convey a political message - usually, critique embedded in humor. Caricatures enjoy great artistic freedom: they are published even when politically incorrect or against mainstream trends. In a way, political incorrectness is a characteristic trait of nearly all caricature.

A caricature differs from a normal drawing or illustration in its intent and in how it is carried out. Caricatures are usually inked line art (uncolored or colorized) that distort the facial and/or body proportions of the characters.

Like cartoons, caricatures can be without any accompanying text, or they can have short captions or (seldom) balloons.

Caricatures are published in newspapers, magazines, books, and on websites. Other publishing areas include postcards, greeting cards, and items of merchandize such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, or baseball caps.

Caricature in other media[edit]

The term caricature is also used for depictions in other media that share the general characteristics of extreme exaggeration, usually for humorous or satiric effect. For example, a character in a novel may be said to be a caricature of a real person, or a work to be a caricature of another work.

Spanking in caricature[edit]

Main article: Spanking in political satire

Spanking is a popular subject in caricature, including political caricature.

There are spanking caricatures from the 18th century up to present day. All pairings are found in this sub-genre.

Spanked for caricatures[edit]

Naughty schoolchildren sometimes draw caricatures of their teachers (often on the blackboard in the absence of the teacher) to make fun of them. Such works of disrespectful caricature can lead to punishment typical for whatever place and era the scene is in, including spankings.

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