Cargo of Love

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Cargo of Love (1968) is a low-budget, sexploitation "roughie" film directed by Anton Holden. It stars Sheila Britton (billed as Sheba Britt), Gloria Irrizary, Sam Stewart, and Tony Pascal.

This film is a standard example of the New York-based grindhouse roughies that were churned out in the mid-to-late sixties. The extremely cheap production was shot on grainy black-and-white film, including scenes without synchronized sound. (Parts were filmed silent with clumsily dubbed in dialog and sound effects.) The soundtrack also includes stock "library" music heard in other films of this genre. This was originally released with an R (Restricted) rating for audiences 18 and older.


Britton plays Ellie, a naive young woman who answers an ad for a traveling companion, unaware that it's a front for a nefarious white slavery ring. She is quickly abducted and drugged by Senora Lupo and her brother Pepe (Sam Stewart) and driven to a remote house in the country.

The house is a playground for wealthy sadistic men who pay to use and abuse the women being held there as sex slaves. Scenes of torture, degradation, flogging, and murder ensue before an undercover FBI agent infiltrates the house.

The spanking scene[edit]

After arriving at the house, Ellie wakes up in a scanty nightie on a bare mattress in one of the rooms. She hears cries of another girl being punished for her disobedience and goes down the hall toward the sound.

A naked girl is laid out on the bed, her ankles and wrists bound with rope. Mama Lupo's sadistic sister (Gloria Irrizary) whips her severely with a leather belt. The girl receives a dozen lashes across her bare back and ass. Lupo warns Ellie to behave or she’ll be next.

A video clip of this scene is available at the Internet Archive.

Additional notes[edit]

Director Anton Holden was also the associate producer for RENT-A-GIRL (1965), another New York roughie with spanking scenes.

The Mama Lupo character returns in Invitation to Ruin (1968), a loosely connected sequel. This bigger-budget color film is set in a castle with a dungeon and features especially brutal flogging and sexual torture. The cast includes Jim Gentry and Kathy Williams from the classic Western roughie The Ramrodder (1969). The film was re-released in 1975 with added hardcore sex scenes as The Invitation.

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