Cara Day

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Cara Day is a popular spanking actress who entered the spanking scene in 2018. Based in Colorado, she filmed her first spanking videos with Denver-based Real Spankings and its sub-divisions.

Since then, Cara has also worked with Sarah Gregory and has modelled for Sarah's websites and video companies Cheerleader Spankings, Sarah Gregory Spanking, Triple A Spanking, and Momma Spankings, as well as Universal Spanking and Punishments and Worst Behavior Productions. She also makes porn and BDSM videos and works as an escort in the Denver area.

Despite having many tattoos, Cara also has an innocent girl-next-door look much like fellow spanking actress Stevie Rose. While mostly acting as a spankee, Cara has performed as a spanker in at least one video, Kalaisha's Attitude Adjustment, (listed below).

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Cara Spanked By Daddy (Universal Spanking and Punishments), combines The Disobedient Daughter and It Still Hurts, photos
  • Cara Spanked For Being Late (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Cara's Bad Day (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Cara's Weekly Review (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Cleo and Cara Spanked Together (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • It Still Hurts (Universal Spanking and Punishments)
  • Making the American Girl Cry (Universal Spanking and Punishments)
  • Schoolgirl Discipline For Cara (RealSpankings Institute), photos