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Caned4Cash is a spanking video producer of F/F caning videos. Production credits simply list Kooboo Entertainment without any other details.

According to Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews, There is no plot, no scripted dialogue, no change of scenery or playing around with costumes. There is only a couple of dominas and their young female victims in a room, where the latter get, well, caned for cash. The more strokes they take, the higher their financial reward. And that's all there is to it. It may sound boring on paper, but the results are very watchable.

The Scottish Domme features two dommes (Taylar and Kira) who severely thrash four girls. Each must endure a series of hard canings delivered ten strokes at a time. The girls are shackled in a variety of positions (standing, bent over a padded bench, etc.).

The dominatrix listed as "Taylar", a tall, imposing black woman with an English accent, is actually Pamela Taylor. She appeared in the Hungarian film Shooting for Mood Pictures where she caned several girls and received a harsh caning as well. Although Caned4Cash uses a similar style as Mood Pictures, it is not known if there is any affiliation between the two companies.

Caned4Cash appears to have produced only four videos so far:

  • The Budapest Girls (2006-01-01)
  • The Scottish Domme (2007-08-20)
  • The Bench of Pain! (2007-09-28), Xhampster video
  • Agony (2007-12-09)