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California Star, also known as Calstar, Cal-Star and California Star Productions, is a major spanking video producer that has been in business since the 1980s. Based in Lancaster, California, they offer fetish videos, specifically bondage, spanking, tickling and discipline.

British imports[edit]

In addition to producing a vast inventory of original material, Calstar has been one of the largest U.S. distributors of British corporal punishment (mostly caning) import videos since the mid-1980s. This is largely due to the Video Recordings Act of 1984 which effectively banned the sale of spanking videos in Britain.

Many of the older U.K. titles were originally made by Tallion, Imprint Productions, as well as spanking magazine producers Blushes and Kane. These are marketed in three separate product lines: the English Discipline Series, English Punishment Series (a "Best of" collection), and English Spanking Classics.


Many top fetish stars from the '80s and '90s as well as popular up-and-coming actresses have worked for Cal-Star including Kiri Kelly, Alexis Payne, Gia Regency, Belinda Clark, Gemini, Jewell Marceau, Danielle Hunt, Rebeckah Jordan, and Anastasia Pierce.

Well-known mainstream horror actress Linnea Quigley, using the alias Jesse Dalton, performed in four California Star fetish videos: Avenged, Stalked, Scorpion (all 1986), and Flash (1987).

Quigley's fellow scream queen Michelle Bauer (under the names Pia Sands, Pia Snow, and Kim Bittner) appeared in Trap (1985), with Julia Parton, Tied & Tickled (1985), with Jennifer Brooks, Teri Learns the Ropes (1987), and Greek File (1987).

Spanking videos[edit]

  • A Lesson For Lisa
  • The Academy (Tallion, TVP-18), smoking, gym, video
    • Re-issued British production from the mid-80s
  • The Art of Caning
  • Bar Service (U.K. import, F/FF), photos, video excerpt at Xhampster
    • equals Spanking For Pleasure - Pouring On The Pain
    • Starring Miss Brown
    • Date of production: 15 April 1997 (Date of Release: August 1997)
    • English Discipline Series, re-issued by Punished Girls
    • Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Beaten At Cards & Stacy (photos)
    • Starring: Joe Stewart, Stephanie Jones
    • Date of production: 12 November 1993
    • English Discipline Series, re-issued by Punished Girls
  • Big Bottoms Caned & The Caning
  • Big Girls Do Cry (UK import from Blushes)
  • Black Marks (photos)
    • Starring: Edna Black, Shirley Withers, Michael Collings
    • English Discipline Series re-issue of Punished Girls title
  • Bottom Price (U.K. import), photos, video at Xhampster
    • contains excerpts from The Bottomist and Bar Service
    • Date of production: 13 June 1997
    • Starring: Hayley Russell, Gaynor-Victoria
    • English Discipline Series, re-issued by Punished Girls
  • The Bottomists (U.K. import), video excerpt at end of Bottom Price
  • Caned For Pleasure (photos)
    • U.K. title also re-issued by Punished Girls
  • Caned In Wet Panties II
  • Caned into the Record Books
  • The Caning Machine & The Bounder (U.K. import)
  • Caning Trilogy (photos)
    • part 1: Catering Catastrophe
    • part 2: Dental Nightmare
    • part 3: Table Dancers (Part II)
    • Date of production: May 2000
    • U.K. title also re-issued by Punished Girls
  • Caught On Camera
  • Chef's Delight
  • Claire's Revenge
  • Correctional Spanking
  • CP Castings
  • C.P. Research Institute
  • The Crying Shame
  • Customs
  • Damn Good Thrashing (U.K. import)
  • Day of Reckoning
  • Double Red Lines
  • Dr. Spanked
  • Drastic Measures (U.K. import)
  • Duchess
  • The Experiment (2005), U.K. import
    • Starring Anna, Terry
    • English Discipline Series
  • Fair Measures
  • False Report & Girl On A Train, Part 2
    • English Discipline Series
  • Family Caning (photos)
    • U.K. title also re-issued by Punished Girls
  • Final Notice
  • Fingered by Matron (pictures) (U.K. import)
  • First Day at the Office
  • First Hand Experience
  • For Services Rendered
  • The Game Warden & Canning Engagement
    • English Discipline Series
  • I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
  • The Invitation & Surrogate Maid
  • Irreparable Damage
  • Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven (U.K. import)
  • Lady Vernon Strikes Again (U.K. import)
  • Maid Service
  • Marital Misdemeanors & Table Dancers Part 1
  • Marital Strokes
  • Meter Beating
  • Monastery of Misery (U.K. '90s import, reissued by Punished Girls), photos
  • Mrs Delgado's Practice, Part 1 & 2 (U.K. import, 1993), video
  • Mrs McCleusky's Discipline
  • Music Lesson (U.K. import)
  • Mutual Agreement
  • My Pleasure
  • Naughty Au Pair (U.K. import)
  • Navy Stripes (U.K. import, c. 1988), video
  • No Choice
    • previously released by Playback as P141 - Authentic Schoolgirl Tale 2
    • Starring Beverley Cocks
    • Date of production: 2 December 2000
  • Office Discipline
  • Paddled Secretary
  • Percy's Persuasion & Community Charge
  • Poolroom Paddling & Alternative Entertainment
  • Poolside Punishment
  • Prison Officer
  • Private Punishment & Salon CP (U.K. import), photo
  • Property Punishment
  • Punished Wife (U.K. import)
  • Punishment Dudes
  • Punk!
  • Real Estate Pain (2011), video
  • Rear Ended
  • Red Riding Crop & A Fixation with Pain ('80s U.K. import)
  • The Reformation & Red Hot Reference
  • The Reformatory
  • Reprimanded with the Cane (U.K. import)
  • Retired Neighbor's Troublesome Cleaners (U.K. import, 2002)
  • Room at the Bottom (U.K. import)
  • Schoolgirl Spectacular aka SCHOOL GIRLS SPECTACULAR
  • Shoplifters
  • Six of the Best (U.K. import)
  • Spanked By Daddy & Curry Stains
    • Date of production: February 2005
  • Spanking, Caning & Roses
  • Special Gratification & Trucker's Revenge
  • Spic 'n' Span
  • ST. David's Boarding School for Girls (U.K. import)
  • ST. Luke's Harsh Strokes (U.K. import)
  • Start At The Bottom (U.K. import)
  • The Sting (Nurse, part 3)
  • Struck Off Part I & II
  • Suppressed with the Cane (U.K. import)
  • Tales of the Rod: Caning All Hours & Spanking the ... of the Day
  • Tandori Stripes
    • Date of production: 9 May 2005
  • Time For Action
  • Trouble From The Troubleshooter Part 2
  • Tutors Methods (Domestic Discipline Series)
  • Uncompromising Canings
  • Welfare Cheats
  • Whacked into shape
  • Working Girls Punished (Nurse Part I)
  • You'll Love The Feeling (UK import, 1983), video
  • Your Turn For The Cane
  • Youth Hostel

English Spanking Classics Series[edit]

  • English Spanking Classics #37 - Debutante's Discipline & Please Cane Me
  • English Spanking Classics #38 - Caned Before School & Tracy's Discipline

English Punishment Series[edit]

The English Punishment Series is a Best of of the English Discipline Series. Each English Punishment Series movie contains several scenes of English Discipline Series movies.

  • English Punishment Series 19
    • includes The Game Warden, Canning Engagement, Irreparable Damage, Meter Beating, Caned at Desperation Point
  • English Punishment Series 25
  • English Punishment Series 26
    • includes Monastery of Misery, Poolroom Paddling, The Riding Stable, and The Crying Shame
  • English Punishment Series 27-38
  • English Punishment Series 40
    • includes scenes of Tandori Stripes/The Experiment, Caned For The Gallery, Aroused By The Cane/Spanked by Daddy and Caned in the Backroom

American Spanking Classics Series[edit]

  • American Spanking Classics #7-15

American Punishment Collections[edit]

  • American Punishment Collections #1
  • American Punishment Collections #2

Spanking Big Enema Series[edit]

Videos available for free online viewing[edit]

A list from the spanking videos on the Internet page with embedded weblinks for each title.

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