CM Zero

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CM Zero is a German anime artist who draws yuri and spanking art scenes and comic which are mostly (M/F or F/F). Occasionally he will also draw F/M. His posted works have always been in digital using Photoshop.

Born in 1985, CM Zero is a hobby artist and does not draw for a living. His natural affinity is for fantasy or for science fiction settings and scenarios, frequently using his own original characters.

The artist likes do draw both consensual and non-consensual artwork, as well as drawings where the spankee character urges their reluctant spanker to continue to punish them, often for pleasure which he calls semi-consensual. He doesn't draw children and prefers adult or late-teen characters in his art.

CM Zero won the Anime OTK 2009 Spring Contest.


Two of his most recurring original characters are Vikki and Amaya, a couple of female adventurers in a fantasy world. Vikki does love to be spanked, something her erstwhile top, Amaya, has never noticed when punishing her charge. Vikki will frequently go out of her way to earn a punishment.

Other character series include The Dark-knight and Tales of Versild. He also draws requests, but he can only draw original characters and not character from any Cartoon, Anime and/or Video Game series.

CM Zero is also the official artist of Mina's original roleplay world of Mina's Forest. He has drawn many multi-page comics on this subject. He also does fanart for RobM's series Devotion.

Art progression[edit]

The original CM Zero art was slightly (by his own admission) a little rough but his art has gone through periods of improvement in terms of art quality and technical proficiency. Currently, CM Zero's art is down using cel shading and other advanced techniques for drawing.

His most controversial piece to date was an MM/FF drawing of Sakura and Ino - two female characters from the series Naruto being spanked simultaneously by two male characters who were giving a confident smirking grin, a wink and a thumbs-up to each other as they did it to the girls. This image caused a lot of intense debate between two main camps of opinion: Those who felt the image was too derogatory to women and those who wished to defend it. CM Zero did not intend to cause such controversy and so when the artwork was reposted onto Anime OTK he had drawn a revenge F/M picture of the girls getting the men back again.

His art can be seen on his Deviant Art page (see links below) and on Anime OTK. CM Zero's first art was posted on Anime Brats before it closed in 2006.